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Schmidt Peterson motorsports have been, you know, they've welcomed me into their paddock in IndyCar them Andretti, you know, two of them that have really welcoming into their paddock and spent a lot of time with Robert and his girlfriend. She's actually caused player. You know, I into gaming and pop culture, and I sat down he was we talked about offroad razors. After the interview we talked to you about pop culture's girlfriend talked about, you know, racing in Europe versus racing United States, like he was just a genuine guy that I really kind of. You know, this is a guy like I would want to hang out with like, you know, and, and we did for quite a while, you know, just talked and it was. It was a ton of fun, you know? And I don't know. It's just this was was a tough one. Man. I saw that and I didn't know what to think. I'm just so thankful that wiccans is okay now not. Okay. But you know, he he's doing. All right. Was just. Oh, man. It was a very scary, scary crash, you know, his race car drivers, you don't. It's fans like we, we don't. Sometimes I think we forget. The speeds and the consequences of auto racing, you know, whether it be trophy truck and you know, banging through the desert one hundred and thirty miles an hour. That's not normal like vehicles aren't supposed to do that. You know, you're not supposed to go through three or four foot. Whoops, at three hundred at one hundred thirty miles an hour. You're not supposed to take a top fuel car at three hundred and thirty miles an hour. An IndyCar isn't supposed to go around and oval at two hundred twenty miles an hour. These things aren't normal. They're not supposed to happen, but somehow we figured out with technology to make them happen. Like we're literally were changing the forces of nature, you know, with auto racing, whether it be desert or IndyCar NHRA or whatever you wanna talk about. Like we're doing things that physically shouldn't be possible and we make it look easy. And I think that we as fans and we drivers sometimes we forget in Antrim Brown is set at a lot. He goes. One, I'm behind the wheel of a top fuel car. He's like, I'm not in control. He's like, I'm just kind of guiding the chaos. And I think that's the perfect analogy for IndyCar trophy truck, everything. You just kind of guiding the chaos, but once in a while you can't guide it in and it just happens and such was the case with wiccans and you know, and I know something like that happens and spend a while since. We've lost somebody think fully thank God that we didn't lose Robert. But I think it brings everything back full circle into perspective, you know, and we start thinking again about man. How can we make better? And you see the, you know, they call it the cheese, grater fence and things like that. The walls have been safer in in auto racing for for years since. Well, since Dale Earnhardt. Right. And you know, we've got safer barriers and all this, and but now the the catch fencing when car does get everywhere. Now, that's the thing. And with with IndyCar you know, being that it's open cockpit, you know, makes it even more dangerously stockcar you've got, you know this capsule around in an IndyCar too, but you know, makes people go halo gonna come in and I hate halo. From Formula one, I hate the halos. I know they've got this big almost like a fighter pilot kind of bubble..

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