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Mount Saint Helens backyard since nineteen twenty nine for years I knew this in the coming out of that damn dumb I may be old but I'm confused about we also had the experts including volcanologist David Johnston who also died in the eruption and made this ominous prediction in the weeks prior during an interview near the mountain I wouldn't want to be here to talk about it that we'd probably be killed by the scientists had a vague idea of what was happening but Dr Seth Moran the scientist in charge of the U. S. geological survey's cascades volcano observatory tells me they didn't have much technology to help them when the first earthquakes happened they had this one seismic station located two miles to the west of mount St Helens in the next nearest one was tens of miles away and doctor Moran says that left a lot of uncertainty about where that quake was located it was allowable from the calculation perspective for the respect to be located under the volcano or miles off to the side off to the side it's a tectonic earthquakes under the volcano it's a volcanic respect and there was uncertainty for the first couple days and it wasn't until the rate of your stick started increasing that it became very clear that this instead was perspex continuing upwards things are a lot different today though not only is there a whole network of sensors but scientists now use GPS and satellite images to spot movement in the ground they can tell them things are shifting and that something might be happening P. below Brian Harris komo news this afternoon Ryan talks to Dr Moran about how scientists continue to learn from the eruption forty years later comedy is time is now for forty nine the economic downturn could hold construction on the washes state convention center addition king county says funding for the one point eight billion dollar project is taking a hit because of the drop in lodging tax revenues now the county is fighting for federal funds to keep the work going king county executive Dow Constantine plans to give more details later this morning warning for pet owners in the body lake area keep your pets inside a police officer caught a cougar roaming in a residential area Thursday morning he was in his patrol car and shined a spotlight on it you could see it running off C. department fish and wildlife is now trying to track the.

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