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To be over eighteen highly recommended and finally this is from the love survey filled out by a person who calls themselves d i y as in. Whyy i'm very clumsy guy who loves diy project so i always have my hands with cuts burns or scratches in different states of healing. I love watching how my body keeps working to put it back together. I just love how no matter. How clumsy am. The skin always regenerates. The wound is gone sometimes. Leaving a scar behind sometimes. Not kind of wish. I wasn't so prone to hurting my own hands. But i love to watch them. He'll to get fuck away from my life you know couldn't fell any newer grief guilt shane. Why was born girl. There's a switch. That gets flipped in my head. I'm supposed to be spurious being treated like an how can adjust. God i have vomit faddish. Humans do this to each other help. I fucking flew over the cuckoo's nest wife's losing it. I thought it was all about me to do. I would have committed suicide. If i could have watched my funeral a polaroid. I found my mother naked in a dentist chair. My body doesn't quite. I think i did eight days in. La county jail. It how i see myself. What was it all four wire funds. Everything that i did. There's a comfort in the scars. Fermi was in service of ocd. You've already had all the paper cut. Step away from the paper really hard to see the picture. When you're inside the frame it takes a larger view to see. The light does actually have somebody listening to you. And i got up and got my tooth and left. I.

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