Clippers, Luca Don Cheech, Ashley discussed on Chicago's GameNight


Pennzoil Performance line, Ashley I do not want to talk about the things that I was doing when I was 21 years old on the radio right now, because even though it's midnight, I'm pretty sure my parents are still listening. We don't need to dig up the past and we don't need to get through it because what is clear to me is that I was doing nothing like what the Mavericks star Luca don Cheech is doing has been doing wass doing today. If you did not get to see The game that he played in today in the serious with the Clippers. Then you missed a heck of a game. They were down by as much as 21. He scores 16 straight points in the third quarter to take back the lead. And then Ashley. He does all of this. Just 40 hours after spraining his ankle. We didn't even know he was going to play an hour before the game. No comes out. Plays goes off 43 points. 17 rebounds. 13 assist his second straight double double. It was actually absolutely insane. The game goes into overtime, and just in case you missed it. Let's relive that moment cause I could watch this again and again, I could listen to it again and again. Not only did he do all of that, but actually, he also did this final play of the game. They're down. Luca. What you got gets it into Dodge Systems.

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