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Passed the house the next step will be a trial in the Senate democratic senator Chris van Hollen says he would consider evidence from both sides during the proceedings I am open to hearing new information new facts testimony from witnesses look at documents and if there's other information out there that would exonerate the president I then obviously I would take that into account before rendering any kind of final decision on this matter to follow good K. A. B. C. dot com and click on stream to a kidnapped San Jose toddler is safe and her father is in custody police say twenty four year old Victor Magen was captured at a San Luis Obispo county gestation late this morning an amber alert was issued after me magna allegedly stabbed his girlfriend in her San Jose home last night and sped off with their two year old daughter Bethany Karosa police say citizens recognized him and the girl when he stopped to fill up his tank and blocked his car preventing him from leaving until police arrived the girl's mother was reportedly hospitalized with life threatening injuries students at a liver in high school or remembering a teacher who died over the weekend trying to save a stranded hiker Hector variola is one of the students at Damien high school who says his teacher Tim staples was a great person he was always someone I looked up to use a true role model for me someone that I wanted to model myself after staples died on Saturday during a search on mount Baldy for in Irvine hiker who went missing over a week ago officials say the thirty two year old fell down and I shoot after becoming separated from other members of the search and rescue team fellow teacher Quincy Sam says the recently married staples was a wonderful person this is the type of young man that if I had a daughter I would like her to marry the search for the missing hiker is being suspended Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news the department of corrections announced today that seventy nine year old serial killer Lawrence Bittaker who was on death row died on Friday at St Quentin he's one half of the duo known as the tool box killers he was convicted in the brutal deaths of five teen girls in nineteen seventy nine the kidnappings and killings happened throughout the LA county area with some of their bodies found in the San Gabriel mountains bitter was sentenced to death in nineteen eighty one his exact cause of death is under investigation although authorities say it was natural causes talk radio seven K. A. B. C. sports the rams were defeated by the cowboys forty four to twenty one the Chargers fell to the Vikings thirty nine to ten the Lakers beat the hawks won a one to.

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