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That persist in patients pulmonary specialist mark of Deliver ex says the clinic will be a place patients can ask their questions and somewhere they can get timely consultations with other specialists. Nika Magog his news 93.1. KFBK, A man running for Lodi City Council has been arrested on suspicion of money laundering. Shakir Khan owns the American Smokers Club in Stockton has been booked into jail on a number of charges, including money laundering. He is running for district for on the council. Khan is expected to appear in court tomorrow. This morning. The Los Angeles Police Department is reporting several dozen arrests for looting during recent street celebrations. KPK is Ryan Baker has more Please say that at least a people were arrested in several states. Oars looted in downtown L A. After the Los Angeles Dodgers won the world, Siri's people were setting off fireworks, smoke bombs and starting fires in the middle. The intersections. This comes two weeks after we win by the Lakers resulted in more than 75 people being arrested in downtown L A because alluding and vandalism. There were no injuries to be reported. Major League Baseball is launching a full investigation into L. A Dodgers player Justin Turner after he allegedly failed to follow Cove in 19 Protocol. Turner was removed during the seventh inning of Game six of the World Series and tested positive for Corona virus. NBC's Miguel Ama Gar with the report. But moments later after Turner Tweeted can't believe I couldn't be out there to celebrate with my guys he took to the field, joining his wife, teammate and their families. MLB officials they, Turner refused to comply when asked to leave by security and was seen interacting with players without wearing a mask. The presidential candidates filling up their schedules with battleground stops less than a week now before Election Day kfbk is Mike Bara reports. I don't think anybody's ever seen anything like Kiss in the history of our country politically, and if you're feeling that excitement, Congratulations, you've got more of it. President Trump is adding stops to his itinerary between now and Election night, a trip today to Tampa, Florida, where Joe Biden will also appear later in the day. Trump has also added a trio of states to a schedule tomorrow, where he makes a return to Michigan, Wisconsin as well as Minnesota. Meanwhile, Joe Biden says he'll have former President Barack Obama with him Saturday in Michigan and also has announced a bus tour across Texas. With surrogates stopping in 14 cities over three days, Mike Our news 93.1 kfbk CEOs of big tech firms that Facebook, Twitter and Google faced around of pointed and difficult questions about censorship and political bias. In this hour's featured audio clip, Senator Marsha Blackburn Republican from Tennessee, she asks Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. Why his social media platform sensors and flags President Trump's tweets. Well. It allows the tweets of foreign leaders to tweet controversial messages without interruption. And the U. S president, you have censored 65 times. You testified that you're worried about disinformation and election interference. That is something we all worry about. And, of course, for about 100 years, foreign forces have been trying to influence US policy in U. S elections. Now they're onto your platforms. They see this as a way to get access to the American people. So given your refusal diligence are banned foreign dictators well regularly censoring the president aren't new at this very moment, personally responsible for flooding the nation with four and disinformation. Just to be clear. We have not censored the president. We have not taken the tweets down that you're referencing. They have more context in a label applied to them, and we do the same for leaders around the world. They do flag the president's tweets. Yeah, they flagged him and and add as he said context. So, for instance, the Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran a cz tweeted out that The whole cost didn't happen. Right on that tweet went out and went through. He's talked about wiping up the Israeli population and that went out and that went through. I mean, I mean, how does that happen? How do those, you know? The lawmakers are saying to Jack Dorsey, What are you doing? We really haven't had a good insight into exactly how They're rubrics work. I mean, did they run it through a group of people Do they run it through? Is there one person that flags it and then passes it on to another group. They really haven't like outlined exactly how this is done. So that's what I think that that lack of transparency. In how these things are regulated leads to more questions than answers in this and endorse. You really didn't have you know many times yesterday he seemed to kind of struggle with answers while he did struggle, and his answer was we re recognize that we need more transparency and I need to work towards that goal. And you know what? Jack? We've been hearing that from you for years. Right. So where, let's let's get some definition to what you're doing That just tells me they don't have perfect systems in place. They don't have systems that they are that even their CEO is fully confident for. It tells you that they're lying. Right, one of the other, you know, maybe maybe it's going that far where they're just flat out, not telling the truth and they don't want us to know. And they're doing they're being deceptive. For a reason it could be And you know, even Mark Zuckerberg has come forward. And I mean he is. He asked Congress for more regulation. So it may be that you know, there is some recognition that this beast is just too big, even for them to handle. And then there they were all saying, Well, you know, you can't revoke to 30. You know the rules. That's right, which which allows them to skate free and they don't want any do and and dairy analyze the whole thing right there. Well, they're not held to the same standard as publishers, but I mean they are published. But my point is when they so actively are urging members of Congress don't don't mess with 2 30. You know darn well that they know what they're doing, right? And I think Congress is going to Mass with 2 30. I do too. All right, let's get you caught up on this hour's top.

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