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Three here's Steve Bertrand a few clouds around steal some haze seventy one degrees had O'Hare thirty. Three people were shot in. Chicago over the weekend that's fewer than half of last week's total there were no deaths, reported Chicago police officers. Were, involved in a shootout early this morning on the city's south side the suspect got away, now a manhunt is underway police using helicopters in the Fernwood. Neighbourhood just after one a m the city's more high definition surveillance cameras at, sea ta stations the officials. Say they will announce the new cameras at the Clinton grand LaSalle and Chicago blue line stops jury selection begins today in the trial of the, second. Man charged in the twenty thirteen shooting of. Pendleton WGN's. Ryan burrow. Has that seven men five Women and two alternates. Were chosen as a jury to decide the fate of alleged getaway driver Kenneth Williams today a. Separate jury will be selected. For the trial of Michael ward alleged gunman who opened fire in the south side park, back in January of. Two, thousand thirteen fatally shooting idea Pendleton days after she performed at then President Barack Obama's inauguration, opening statements are expected to be in Tuesday Ryan burrow WGN. News the White House is pushing back against former staffer Omarosa after she released, audio of a conversation she. Reportedly had with President Trump in which he acted as if he didn't know she'd been fired here's the audio which was broadcast on NBC's today, show What's going, on Leaving what, happened. General Kelly Gerald Kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave.

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