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Inter listening to my podcast didn't want to didn't want to ignore your dismiss you. But going back to the Naga small about my getting it and how cheap time and effort, and it's not necessarily an easy thing which e because. It requires vulnerability, and when you reach a certain age, and I'm saying that age just beyond the age of children than hiding who you are is is part of your makeup. And I say that because when you display a lot of owner ability, we as even being tend to expect people take advantage of or we experienced that time time again. So we learned to. Cover that up. Am I operating that way? There are just by default. A lot of things go unexpressed or their unshared. In you have to cover all of that. And this is where the time spent. And as I shared earlier, the time spent in the long conversations and. Remembering those conversations, so you can get to other shorthand part of it were person doesn't necessarily have to finish centers than you understand where they're going with it that that's a beautiful thing. It's the acceptance. And then when the NFC includes the physical part, the the intercourse didn't. The. The opportunity to express the the the pleasure in the satisfaction happens in that same space. For some people. Let's say if you're noisy lover fin. He make even more noise. It's like Jurassic Park in there, and for others who may have never experienced a partner who is verbal or vocal. It's it's a whole new paradigm shift, and you may find yourself feeling freed up or encouraged to be expressive. Because you have your part there because you have that intimacy. You have that that connection? Like, you say you feel like I get you. I get it. I want you to feel this. And I like it when you feel this with me, this is why our relationship has special. I think something that happens with most people in when they discover someone news Il talk about their history their history with other people, and why this experience with you is different. Why it special, you know, it's a way to talk about the contrast. And while you're unique, and that makes us feel more connected to it when you can have those conversations in a matter, of fact way, and that's much to demonize the X because that tens of suggested you're carrying a lot of baggage that you just assumed could let go of but as a talking point as an opportunity to. A teachable moment, meaning to share some some insight or some knowledge Sabih intimacy about yourself that you're willing to share because you feel safe and discussing that that that could be helpful to know because when you are sharing things out such a deep level. In and you feel uninhibited. Feeling uninhibited just allows you take things to the next level. I've talking very expressive the wall bang sex, the kind that your neighbors wished to pick an have or if they're the he got older people down the hallway. If if you know, if you're a department complex kind of day, I remember when we used to do it like that kind of thing. Yeah. You envious? Yeah. That's as a real good stuff. But it's all about I get it. I'm gonna take a break right now. Throw a couple of commercials at you that I'm gonna come right back and talk about this more. Stay tuned. What a find out what movies.

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