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W T N and Benjamin, you're up next. Benjamin, what is up? Hey, I just wanted to talk to you about the Gamestop thing, Okay? And kind of why Gamestop is still in business. Because I used you mentioned you can buy games online now and, yeah, But there's still people who liked to collect games and stuff like me. Theo. Want to actually have the physical copy of the game that they can hold. So it's more it is it is like a great escape is the tower Records is is It's for people who were nostalgic and they like the old Games. Yeah, and another, Like, like you said, with the old games, people who have like Nintendo, 60 fours and stuff like the older councils that don't have Internet connection. You can't download games on that. You have to have a physical cartridge. Right? Did you ever play Sarge's heroes? No. Did you ever play? Ah, night fire? No James Bond thing. Okay, I played those with my kids. I love Sarge's Heroes Racing games. Such Ah, I see. But but I mean, but how much of an audience is there for these older games? Well, not very much, but I know a lot of people. I'm very social Online with a lot of people have similar interests to me. Um So I know a lot of people that like having physical copies of games playing old consoles, just nostalgic stuff. It's like collecting albums. I mean, it's just it's the next thing. Well, I mean, maybe I don't know that they can make a go at it. I mean, there's stock is dropping like a rock again. I think people made their point on it and then got out made their money. And so we'll see what happens with it. But I mean, it is old technology. But there will probably always will be a place for it. If not for games. Stop, people would let me come sure you buy these games on eBay, right? Yeah. But you would rather go and chant with somebody about it at the an actual store, huh? Well, in most cases, yes. So they've got like old gamers from the nineties in the years that with the like my kids can't just I've never been to game stop. I actually get of my games online. But Um You could probably find them find older gamers there. The interesting, All right. We're like like that's a different perspective. I hadn't thought about that. You know, Um, I told you there was a mean mount me about you know, the the Um, stockbroker, the hedge fund managers. Are getting screwed. Just like the kids who used to bring the games that my kids used to that all the time. They would get so flipping man. They always thought, you know, they're gonna make a ton of money. You know these games they gathered up and I take him down here. They couldn't drive their kids. Take him over the game Stop! And the other given $5 with a lot of them, and they were just they were just furious about it. And so you know, some people are going well. Game stops getting working once government do him. It's just they didn't change. I don't even know how you change with that technologies like if your Hollywood video You know, there was a snotty guide Hollywood video. Oh, I don't know. I don't know what the deal with this dude was because he made it a point. When you brought the video of the year. And laid it on the counter. He wouldn't say anything until you would say something. And so you know, I did this several times with him a part of their ago you had like Tonto. I'd like to check this one out. And then he would just grab it and scan it and you had a horrible attitude. So one time I was in the and I put my movie of there and he looked at me and I looked at them. I'm swear we at least it was over a minute. We were sitting, just look at each other, and I wasn't gonna say anything. And finally, you know, he busted and said That all I said Yes. So you're freaking jerk for crying out loud and then they went out of business. How do you change from a Hollywood Wasn't Hollywood video is it was Hollywood video or a blockbuster. And changed to a streaming. I mean, you can't do it. I mean, because people are gonna get their streaming from a different source. And so a lot of the folks you know he will. You know, I used to hear this. The blockbuster was run by the mob. Anybody ever hear that? You ever hear that? Johnny B. The blockbuster was one time there may be some truth to that. Now we're getting into this game, something I mean, it's you know, people having fun. So the mob's back, You know, I'm saying some of the games they're really fun to play. Especially the ones where people get whacked. Oh, yeah, Whack a mole. We love that one. Whack a moles. Our favorite Yeah, s so I don't know how you just see some things are just not going to, um, translate unless you are the innovator. I'll give you, for instance. IBM. I'm not sure what they're doing now. But you know they were in the computer business. But before that they were they were doing typewriters and other business machines is the land, so they sort of evolved. IBM is still a player in some shape, form or fashion. Certainly not like an apple. I wouldn't think but You gotta be. You got to be innovative and you gotta lead. Really? And if you don't you left behind, So you had the game. Stop there. As I recall. I mean, it was it was they were the only game in town. If you'll pardon the expression. You could go to. I know you could go to best buy, I guess and get some games, too, But I mean, the guys that were knowledgeable about it. You know they were but then They went to downloading the stuff and I went digital. And you know what you gonna do now? So here's the thing. This is this is a classic example of where liberals want coming in props something up in bail it out. It's like when we were doing with Chrysler and GM and the rest of the people. We gotta bail him out all those jobs. No. Maybe it's time for GM or Chrysler to go out of business. And so Chrysler then ends up selling the Fiat, right. And G M's done, Okay, but crisis not doing so swell again. We're gonna bail him out again. Well, there now They're an Italian company now, for crying out loud. We have to live the market dictate this. And that's E. Ironically, what was going on with the whole stock by of Game stuff? And then it is the inclination of government do gooders to jump in there and try to Fix things..

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