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Before we go into an episode of i love film or i actually why he he's here is to i think we may not do rem at all and just you in film he is the director of let's be honest he he has his filmography is a few films and his movie on graffiti is a couple of movies and i want to figure out like what he thinks is a movie and what he thinks film note that's a question he has if i'm if my if my calculations are correct million kinky lesions has completed six full length major motion pictures of which fistful of fingers is one is that correct seventy eight minutes it's barely it's barely but we consider it to be one yes don't talk until i introduce you like you're being fucking route fucking rude the age old trap ask the guest i to question and then snap at them he is the director of some wonderful films including baby driver and the end of the world what is it called well same thing you really you know what i mean like can we just call it the end of the world because that fits in with the rem theme sean saves the planet what does it go mom and dad say the plan back in me please welcome edgar right right trying to give you some entrance music oh nice forgot that that song as an intro welcome edgar our buddy i'm good how are you thanks for having me thanks for being here yeah well we were talking about before you got here that you put on our em song baby driver you did i mean i was going to get to that but okay we'll just get right to bury yeah why bury the lead you put let's talk about the soundtracks to to baby driver because you put out two great ones and i have them here on the old ipod you see.

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