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Ninety nine with a new tunnel under Seattle, we get the latest from komo's Ryan Harris contractors doing a couple of big concrete pours, including says state transportation department tunnel project manager, Dave sours paving for the southbound offramp to Royal Brome and for the south embankment to the Dearborn off ramp. And that poor is. Our last major poor in terms of roadway surfaces. Sour says, they're still looking at seven to ten days after the tunnel opens to finish the northbound Dearborn offramp. It was the usual Friday light for the day. Fourteen morning dry, but Jeff Sweitzer with King County. Metro transit says they had a couple of trains that blocked buses for an hour affected writers on route one thirteen when twenty one twenty two in one twenty three and so we're moving towards rerouting some of those buses on a regular basis to avoid the kind of train related delays that we've been seeing otherwise Sweitzer says the buses have been able to get through traffic relatively smoothly. Ryan Harris, KOMO news now in this second week of the viaduct closure. The freeway backups had not been until today. All that bad is some projected. Of course, we do have a bus fire that's closed down. Northbound I five through the city of Seattle, but drivers on city streets are definitely feeling. The squeeze no matter. What's happening? Tim McCall is with the Seattle department of transportation. He supervisors their transportation operation center and the two hundred traffic cameras they have Steve. That you know with I five being the the big throughput through the city. There are a lot of folks that are trying to use routes like Mercer street. He says they're seeing longer backups on streets like Danny east, marginal way and Spokane street, even when I five isn't backed up which again it is right now. Because of the northbound closure drivers downtown usually take the viaduct are finding different ways home. The call says congestion on city streets starts earlier in the morning and lasts longer into the evening. Coming up after traffic and weather. Komo's ma'am market vitual. Join us about an overnight homeless count in the millions of dollars. That'll be impacted by that right now at three o four your AAA traffic every ten minutes on the fours and sue we have this just terrible situation. Northbound five at Spokane street that has the freeway blocked. That's right. And we have a traffic alert going because of it once again, the bus fire north five kind of under the west Seattle freeway has all lanes blocked traffic right now looks like it's still being diverted off to the Colombian way exit or you can go west. On the west Seattle freeway, but those exits are backed up, and if you are in the backup northbound and I five that starts right around mid Boeing field. If you're still travelling north from the south end, I would definitely take four zero five heading north. If you haven't passed the airport yet, but I am seeing backups now on northbound four zero five as well right off at the I five merchant Southcenter. It's pretty heavy up to the maple valley highway. But at least all those lanes are open southbound drivers through Seattle can see the bus fire in the northbound lanes. So southbound is just parking lot from Northgate. And I mean, bumper to bumper all the way down to the west Seattle bridge, the accident in Everett southbound I five approaching the Boeing freeway has cleared, but that's going to be so from forty I if you're traveling north through Everett that does slow from the Boeing freeway up towards state route five to eight in Marysville traffic brought to you by Papa Murphy's. Papa Murphy's makes dining in easy. They make it you bake it bake it up a notch with an artist and chicken bacon. Artichoke pizza for only eleven dollars. You're next. Komo traffic at three fourteen..

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