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That became a bring a start while franken i talk asked about this okay um john travolta you very good off the front after fauntleroy we'd be darned i think the career of vinnie bob marino aka john travolta finally exceeded what after franz rally aka henry winkler has done in hollywood because the movie lineage of john travolta is quite extensive and all of his films had a special thumbprint on american pop culture with urban cowboy you just mention of frank dysfunctional abduction pulp fiction there are so many great john travolta examples and of course greece and of course greece's my favorite movie in the word you know yes so i've heard important what about yourself ah you know that you can come up when he sees my logically morgan was telling me about this earlier it goes on with the logic that who actual weird with his popularity witness the word famous come from or who you know granted that henry winkler became a out start because we didn't know who he really was at that point john travolta we didn't know before vinnie baba reno i mean there's nobody other than uh you know uh people who were already famous from welcome back carter i bean who exactly from their or learn something jacobs i guess did go on actually he's a a producer director and a record yes so i made in his own way he he's probably the only other one there who became famous or if you're gonna go with specific tv shows but you know if you want to go with the kids from the brady bunch i mean there are a few are that actually did go on and do other things all right yeah exactly yeah yup and again and again guy repertoire wanna make sure that they know we probably just about two different things so that's one thing to let you said come from a tv show and then be known and so forth but in this particular case we want to try to do is shifts you'll likely not simplify a little bit i think would jump ahead of each other we've just want to just take a pinnacle pressing from a tv show whether they change pop culture or just you know or just been for that particular show and while again.

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