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Or even dan and this is what i always say with these things or just like melted marshmallow and butter yourself and mixon's captain crunch you're gonna get 'em especially if you get a little brown butter action going in there little salt. You're going to have much more. Like solid sassine product than you would with these these bars. You really are a virtuoso when it comes to the homemade cereal bar. So i love it. I love it. What better way to use up cereal. You know we every will ask you a A question something that you would like us to discuss or something that you have a a a take on This this week we asked you very a fun. We asked you to tell us about cereal that you remember fondly but nobody else seems to Recall what what would you A sleeper asleep asleep a cult classic. But you're the only one in the cult A one person called classic. But we we asked you about that and we'd love to hear your responses which which we will now at this exact moment hi. Dan adjusted this. Jasper they've been to maryland to me. The unsung hero childhood cereals. That few people seem to remember is actually not a scenario but the strawberry milk they would serve a mile elementary school picture. This it's too early in the morning during school cafeteria at plastic table with a bunch of other eight-year-olds. You're tired and confused cozier kit. And it's morning but you're not grumpy because you get to open up the little plastic bowl of ice krispies than poor on just the most unnaturally pink milky percy. It tastes like candy and happiness and get soggy like five minutes but by then you beaten it all anyway and of course the best part drinking the milk to start your day quite like that bo so special strawberry milk. Thank you so much damning. Justin for your wonderful podcast. Hello dana justin. This is hayley from california. She her pronounce a cereal that nobody seems to talk about or remember for me personally. Is cautious mighty bites. The reason why i still remember. These is because they were the ones that were shaped like little dudes. I'd like to see if they're still there. But i haven't seen a launch shelves to be fair. Haven't really been looking for them but it was nice to think about the again. Thank you so much for the podcast. Dan justin this is jordan from connecticut. The cereal that i'd love to see comeback. That is quite literally a blast from the past would be buzzed. Blasts was toy story. Buzz lightyears cereal. That was purple and green at grand pieces in the shape of rocket. Ships aliens and buzz from toy story. It was paired with green purple. Ufo's it was made with corn and oat flour apparently such unique shapes textures colors in overall concept. Please bring back. Thank you for your podcast. First off great job of being sued everybody. Those wonderful Dan d you have one of these is sort of like sticks out to you Yeah well first of all it was really enthralled. Haley's answer. Because i had never heard of kashi mighty bites either but i looked them up and i cannot believe that they literally have these little dude pieces through like actual crunchy stick figures. No that as a kid. I would have you know. Set them up in a diorama to play with the digital toys. Or whatever else. I had michael classic serials. Also a kashi cereal and that would be washy honey sunshine which was around for a while and kinda just quietly disappeared but it was these little golden honey squares that just had incomparable. Like melt in your mouth. Nece that i really really enjoyed and nobody else seems to feel that way. Did you have one of these cold cereals. Atta lot actually I was The the the two that stood out to me The i was ken. My rice bran the ever. Have this one. The probably not it was in came out in the ninety s. Very early nineties. I remember going to reach over at josh jobs. You know josh joe. I went to school. As a dos jeff's south and it was a crispy brown rice flakes was the idea. Sort of like a hardier special k would be like the best sort of like With maybe a bit more malted flavor to it Really good yeah. It was a very good cereal. That i very much enjoyed. The other one was fingers fingers. Your fingers right serio. It's such a while it was a serial with pieces that are like big and you were not supposed to eat them in like a bowl with milk you would open them up like thing of chips and eat them like they were more like cracker size. But you're designed to. They came in little pouches And yours designed to eat them with. Your hands goes way ahead tons compared to jumbo's taxi. I mean it's the exact same. It's the exact same Exact same premise. I mean but just like. We didn't need anybody to tell us that we get the cereal with our right right. Like it just reeks of the marketing meeting. So he's like people are eating these days with their hands. We should just give them from using milk at the same time. Yeah you're gonna hear how long this i i pull up. We never do this. But i did want to share. I was trying to reminisce. So i pulled up an ad for fingers. I can't play the thirty second spot real quick. Please me want wholesome new cereal. Made with your fingers wholesome am i read my hands nutritious but bowl spoon now all you need to enjoy cereal anytime you want..

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