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But so most people always assume I feel like it's always assumed that it's the woman that hasn't issued usually women that these fertility clinics and get these hormonal treatments. Is it standard to test also the mad? So, it's shocking to me because it is so much cheaper and easier to test the man that you hear about a lot of cases, even before starting IBF where the man is not tested, and this is because even Obgyn's even people in the field who are dealing with fertility still don't know much about or don't think about meal. Fertility which is the number will be UN's that I've met who don't know anything about the statistics meal for is actually quite shocking. And when you compare just how easy it is to testify sample, or should say the specimen it's it's actually kind of shocking that it hasn't become completely routine. When when you start to even think about CASSIA. Yeah, that is shocking. It's strange so so you have these kits that you ship overnight. Do ship them all over the world, or is it just in the US? Right now right now? We're in the US but we're expanding internationally pretty quickly as you can. Imagine, Vid has negatively impacted. Those plans but it's very much on the radar so for US Geneva base into Europe. Dubai will be. Our base into the Middle East. And we have a couple of other countries in mind as well. Yeah, so you founded legacy in two thousand eighteen right? And it was something that you kind of hatched at Harvard Innovation Labs. So, it was a very scholarly and well researched startup but it since then grown, and you've raised quite a bit of capital to grow and scale the company I. You guys got one point five million dollars. A seed round led by Bain capital ventures that was back Last year last June. And then just this January raised another three point five million dollars so obviously. There's some interest in this industry. Just when we thought you know like a sperm bank was the sperm bank. How big is this industry and have you seen a growth since you started? Massively, so I'll address a few of the points that you made so first of all the initial funding from Bain capital ventures was just from kind of some of the early fundraising than we had done. And there was there was a lot of excitement about the product enough. I'll talk about more why acting in just a second. But then we went through the white combinator program in Silicon Valley last summer fairly well known accelerator for kind of high potential startups. And so official, but going to this program is that connects you to every major investor? Basically anywhere in the world I mean you. You have investors literally flying in to watch these one hundred or so companies present at the end of the program. So that actually helped us a lot when it came to fundraising, it really opened up doors for us on the west coast of the US where you tend to see kind of investment dollars, higher valuations, and so on so..

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