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You've yourself made have you. Do you always want to be a filmmaker when my mom is a video artist tournaments ardell israel. Shout out because i don't think she's ever gotten him recognition. She deserves brilliant so. I was raised in a household in which i was witnessing i was a. She's exposing me to a lot of incredible filmmaking but also by by many people but also. I was watching her really like delve into that intersection of like personal and political in her work. That i think really inspired me from a young age. But i didn't know specifically that. I wanted to be a filmmaker through actually a while like i. I didn't even know. I wanted to be an actor. I think i knew i wanted to write. Because that always felt like a lifeline for me out of the sort of sludge of my depression anxiety but but then i got a scholarship to to tisch dramas scored nyu and so. I ended up going to acting school. And then from there. I when i met darryl. We started making films together but he was always the director. So i was like. I guess it's a loose turnover. Filmmaker is but we were co writing. And i was producing was starring but he was the director and it took me. I think until y'all like my early thirties. To really feel that. I could be a director too and i think it is a testament in many ways to that same like lesson. I wanted to teach my younger self of like you don't that. I think i felt that. I needed to be perfect. Which i think is a barrier to entry for a lot of women in in many industries that you meet me like i felt like i needed to know so much more before i could start then. You're never going to know all the things and meet the man and realize how much discredit them into you. Realize how much of them just making apas. They go along absolutely. I've met some of the the creators of the biggest franchises in the world. And they're ready just like me break down with them you know. How did you come up with this today. Oh i i what's happening duck. Oh shit you're just and this isn't this isn't a new compensation we've seen statistics based on like how many men will go up. The women don't even go up and those men are are less qualified on the women who don't even try so. I think it's definitely a definitely a thing. But i'm thrilled that you're now at the kind of you know. Yeah at the helm of this and with people that you trust and with people. Who gave you that space to do that. I think that's pretty cool thing. But i but i also know that. That's incredibly brave. Especially considering the fact that you know i'd read the you've grown up with with two autism parents who as you reference like one fully realized that talent and so sometimes that can drive people have people. I know in my life who has driven them forward to be like. I'm gonna succeed apps for me. But for my. Yeah some people just become terrified because they see the heartache that comes with not being acknowledged for the thing that you've poured your heart and soul and yeah especially something as meaningful as what your mother was making. Yeah yeah and my dad. Bill jones shutout is also an amazing artist. And i think i witnessed that heartache. That you just mentioned just so consistently throughout my childhood How did you have become the fed. Well my mom encouraged me to go to drama school. Because i was like. I should not do that because that sounds like you know it sounds like i'm just i will. It will be a life of pain. Which i wasn't wrong but.

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