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The Fox News APP. Voices America Trust downloaded now. 93 wi PC Mobile news on the level on the go quite people who have already recovered should be wary of the virus mostly clear and breezy overnight. Mostly sunny with light win Wednesday. I'm Stanley here. Here's what's trending this hour. Covid 19 could have a lot of long term effects. It's not clear whether chronic fatigue syndrome is one of them. Eric Berman reports. The CDC is looking at possible connections between Covid and chronic fatigue. I u school of Medicine associate Dean Fenway. Chang cautions not to jump to conclusions, he says, even if they're connected fatigue could be an indirect result of stress and anxiety or could mean the infections not completely gone. Eric Berman 93 WI BC mobile news opposing the Democrats Infrastructure plan Indiana's Republican Senator Mike Braun, because he says, borrowing a trillion dollars would be too much weight for the national debt to bear. There are rumors the mayor of Hammond wants to challenge Republican Todd Young for his seat in the Senate in 2022. Hasn't said that yet, but he does want to challenge him to eight boxing match. Mm. Let's get ready to formally challenging Todd Youngest. Every document. Haman Mayor Tom McDermott, Junior, a Democrat, made the comments on the left of Centre podcast Tuesday. He soft He was a Marine Annapolis. Guys are tough, though I agree. I'm not saying he'd be easier, but I would freaking I would love to fight Todd Young and really every boxing match. McDermott says A match between the two politicians could easily raise at least $100,000 for charity. Young has not responded Crowd Common network in Vienna. On the level on the go and on wi bc dot com Now Here's the forecast from the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The dry stretch of weather continues tonight. Clear, cool and dry with temperatures in the mid fifties tomorrow, starting out in the mid fifties by afternoon, mostly sunny and dry with temperatures in the upper seventies. I'm Storm Track eight. Chief meteorologist Ashley Brown on 93. W I. B. C. Things are heating up, but you blur During the BIS of summer sales event. They're up to buy more cars than ever before they'll buy your car on the spot for more.

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