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Welcome in everyone to another new edition of selfish beat. This is off the a very special one for a variety of reasons among them that as producer Evan Valenti and I were joking about just a little while ago off the air news actually broke before the the show so we could incorporate that it's off as opposed to about an hour after we post the show and Gordon hayward's trade or sign and trade with the Charlotte Hornets. That is complete. It is done all those people that said Danny Ainge got nothing fire him. Joseph I the guy didn't happen and we can get into all the specifics of the Indiana situation obviously over the course of the show, but the Celtics and swap of draft picks, which is really not the important part of the Hornets trade Rave create a trade exception worth 28 and 1/2 million dollars. So this is only one piece of the story. The larger piece is over the course of the next year while people are still vilifying Danny Ainge is not able to use it. Does he choose to use it and we know a lot of the time these trade exceptions do not get used will this one be used and you know, can the Celtics bring in either another star or some key rotational players off of this is to be examined, but first and foremost, we are pleased thrilled to be joined by Bill Doyle who is just in in a matter of days in the next couple of days. He's already announced that he is retiring after 40 years at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette covering the Boston Celtics among so many other things Bill. Thank you for being with us. And of course congratulations. Thank you very much for inviting me to be on edge. Show well, all right, so I I have to start with this I think and I I tweeted out to the people any questions that you have for Bill and for this show about the Celtics, please fire him over and so she got we got a whole bunch and and we will you know acknowledge a whole bunch of them later on in the show. But where I want to begin is because you are so well-known renowned for asking the same question, you know not unlike Johnny Miller obviously covering the Red Sox. Do you have any questions for us anything that you want to ask us because we know that you are Adept when it comes to asking the first question. Yeah. My question is why would you want to interview me? What what are we doing here exactly. Where do we start the actual passion? Yeah. Yeah, you are a legend of coverage at my friend. I mean there were a great many reasons to have you on the show. I know obviously Danny Ainge tweeted at you Chris forsberg a longtime friend of yours. He was tweeting about how you are..

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