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The police rated spun ranch, not looking for murderers. Arrested Manson and other members of the family on suspicion of running an auto theft ring. Because there is a technical error in the warrant. They were all released a few days later. Yeah. They went there looking for stolen Dune buggies. Yeah Yep Yep. Not even knowing that they fucking communities brutal murders. Yeah, but. They were able to like. Play it off as they're not guilty enough to be able to re released like any other person with a normal conscience would have been freaking the fuck out. About the police, just showing up at your compound, but they're all like fucking sociopaths. They have no empathy and they're just like most all on drugs, so that to. Maybe they don't remember what they did. So Manson went back to the ranch, looking for someone to blame for the raid of course and Manson chose a ranch hand named Donald Shorty Shea. Remember the he was killed around August twenty fifth, so a few weeks later after the raid Manson. Bruce, Davis and Stephen. Grogan were arrested for the murder of shorty right and it actually wasn't until like nineteen. Nineteen seventy seven that Stephen Grogan confess where the body was Irqah well, so Manson and the family left Spahn ranch after that and moved to Barca ranch in death valley. were. It was also eventually rated. Manson and other family members were arrested for murder and sentenced to death. Now that you've ruined the outcome of the trial. Totally didn't know spoiler. Alert GONNA. Talk about the trial. So the trial began on July Fifteenth Nineteen seventy with Charles Manson, being tried for the murder and co-defendants Leslie Van Houten Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel. On the first day of testimony July Twenty Fourth Manson appeared in court with x carved into his forehead. which he claimed to have done saying I have X. Myself from your world. He canceled himself. Canceled Culture can't come canceling muscle canceling missile from your world. I don't exist. Can't try me. Exist. What are your lawbooks? Say about that. Totally would never sound like that ever well I don't know He. He was a free thinker, just out loud. His co-defendants appeared the next day with their ex carved into their foreheads. Okay, so already just playing right into the fact that they blindly follow everything he does. They do it themselves, or did he do? They did it themselves? I e. Okay so throughout the trial Manson and his co-defendants would interrupt and mock proceedings to the extent that they were repeatedly removed from. To be forced to listen to the testimonies being given from elsewhere in the courtroom. Courthouse. But in interviews with the girls, you know much later in time. They said that he would actually tell them what to do. To disrupt proceedings that day. Wow, yeah, so every day was just scripted way of disrupting everything. That's weird. Was He planning on getting from that? I would assume just dragging it out. Yeah, just postponing the inevitable. Of the death sentence, or maybe you tried to go for some kind of sanity. Thing. I don't know..

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