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Definitely picked up on his well there's still time lots of time hopefully no there is i'm worried because everyone's just like singing its praises and i need someone to tell them like hey what you're doing tech wise here really cool but that's not to say that this if you shift what was there right now that this would be i mean you are that person's timer let them know i know that's why i'm that's why i'm here to bring everybody back down to the reality i will claw you back down with my kid goes now we turn to our assassin's creed guru andrea rene that caen because findlay i don't know that's air name i just like out of that random acted lay has a question for you well the sausage creed odyssey seeming to turn the franchise into everything i could hook hope for player choice dialogue and especially romance options can andrea cell potential players on why origins is still worth playing if she believes it to be i'm undecided on whether to as an obviously a large time investment as it is large time investment well well let me tell you so assassin's creed origin was my number two favorite game of twenty seventeen number one of course being horizon zero dawn but i would say it's definitely worth your time to go back and play because it'll give you a good solid foundation for the mechanics they are introducing in odyssey because origins was a pretty big departure from the assassin's creed franchise in terms of gameplay meaning they've really instituted a more heavily rpg focus and they're taking that even one step further in odyssey with the introduction of conversation trees and the introduction of ability buttons and things like expanded skill trees so i like that they are really kind of incorporating rpg mechanics to make it a hybrid genre and a longer as it like a straight like action adventure stealth open world game now it's a stealth action adventure are pg open world game baggies kind of kind of crazy to think about with what did you say banging oh yeah romance options so we only scratched the surface on that so we don't know how deep those are going to go but i'm excited to see where it's going to it's going to end up because clearly this franchise needed to do something we talked about this on our best of e3 last week where i was really pumped about what we saw from odyssey we played looks beautiful de combat was greats the conversations felt fund and fully realize of course the world billion the art is magnificent but i have been lacking in missing the kind of mysticism and the supernatural elements at the first civilization brought into the franchise in the early years and i love their kind of giving the hints that they're going to be bringing greek mythology and we've got a flash of a like a either a minute or centaur on our for sure decibel and then we saw key art of medusa and so i definitely want to see them really lean into this into nail it because i loved origins and thought it was a great game and if you never played it definitely worth your time isn't a tightening played on easy recommended it'd be fun cherry at and say you don't have to play it before you go in because i played origins for a while but i well just because of the time has coming out no is it necessary of course not but you should because the virga i think it's very good i'm not i'm not just agreeing with you on that front i'm saying for me as for me as a player if i play two games that are too similar i can't do them that close together so for me if i were you and i would just wait for odyssey and at role with odyssey because otherwise if i started playing origins right now i probably be fatigued and like i wouldn't necessarily want to play another one by the time odyssey rolled around i think it's totally a personal choice because i look at something like my sister who played the witcher back.

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