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From npr and wb. You are. i'm peter o'dowd and i'm tanya moseley it's here now. The issue of voting rights comes up for a test. Vote in the senate tomorrow. Democrats are proposing a sweeping bill to counter restrictions. Passed by republican led state legislatures. But not a single republican. Senator is expected to vote. Yes on this congressional action which is why some voting rights activists are praising. A compromise plan proposed by democrat. Joe manchin who up until now has been the democratic party sole holdout on the issue but not everyone is intimations proposal. Joining us now is ken. Calvin founder of the voting rights group spread the vote which focuses on helping people get ideas in order to do things like vote. Hi cat thinks there's a lot of support from mansions new narrower version of a federal voting and campaign finance overhaul voting rights activists stacey. Abrams says that she would absolutely support mansions compromise. She calls it a vital step. You feel otherwise you specifically have problems with this new edition to mansions proposal requiring voter. I d tell us more on. why so you voter. id lies. I started to grow and become really popular across this country after the supreme court. Gut it a big part of the voting rights. Act in two thousand thirteen. And we've seen in those few years. I we've seen us go from about four states that have voter. Id laws to where bad about thirty six now and it has been something that everyone of the voting rights world. I'm everyone sorta around the left side of politics. The moderate side of politics has really been fighting for a long time because they're over twenty one million eligible voters in this country. Who do not have photo. Id i'm and who cannot vote with these laws. It's so wildly difficult for people that it really does. add up to really more than a poll tax. You know my grandmother used tell me about her parents saving change and then counting it up in the kitchen and then going to pay to vote. It's not that easy to get nine hundred and so this is the thing we've been fighting now from ten years and abrahams didn't just say that she was support this. She wore knock both actually said well. Nobody's ever objected to voter. Id which isn't true because they objected to a few months ago. but we all object to voter. I d keeps tens of millions of people from being able to vote. So it's what can break this down a little bit. Can we break down a little bit. Abrahams argument is that this bill put forward some basic building blocks. It's the setting of uniform standards like making election day a public holiday. Banning partisan gerrymandering her contention on why she supporting it is that those changes are progress over. Not getting anything past. Do you understand where she's coming from. You know. I don't because the thing is democrats have the majority in the house. The senate and the white house we actually could just pass a bill riley. That's the thing is that you know they did this with the healthcare bill. We have this incredible bill and they kept trying to get republicans to support it so they kept cutting it back cutting it back and cutting it back and they still ended up passing a bill without any republican support. I understand where. They're coming from because pragmatism always wins over doing the right thing and the democratic party. But it's not. It's not something they have to do. It all republicans of course argue that requiring voters to show. Id is common sense in it. It increases public confidence in the voting system. What would you like to see is an alternative specifically for requiring voter. I d. I mean here's the thing like i live. We live in california which is more people than anyone in the country does not have voter. I d less does not have a problem with public confidence in the elections. Right like they say that out loud but first of all we have nothing but studies that prove voter fraud doesn't exist. There is no problem with the in voting. And when it is it's because you have a man who lost an election and then try to spread a big lie we also have tons of footage and quotes from them specifically saying we need voter. Id laws because we need people not to vote so we can win right. We know we've been here before soon. After obama was elected president we saw a huge surge of republican led legislatures Passing laws requiring photo. Id your organization spread the vote though helps people as you said obtain. Id's for jobs and other things like that. What don't we understand about the challenges of getting an. Id union ninety to get a job to get housing to get food. Food banks to get nights at most shelters right ironically to get covid tests and vaccine most places. There's a huge problem with foster kids. Who eight out of the system and eighteen and then they're just spit into the streets and they're not giving an idea or any of the documents that they need in order to get that idea our average. Id causes forty dollars but it causes a lot more than that for a lot of people one of the things they say this bill is oh well you can just vote with a utility bill. Well you don't have a utility bill if you don't have a home and so what they're basically saying is if you're on house you don't deserve to participate. In democracy rightly it is so hard takes us. We are the only national idea of teaming organization in the country. We are experts at this. It takes an average of three to four weeks and that was before kovin to help someone get an id. It's rough you know. Cat calvin is founder of the voting rights. Groups spread the vote. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us..

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