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And currently forty two degrees. I'm armenta Landreau WJR news next news at seven o'clock or whenever news breaks. All right. Let me bring you all up to speed on sports, especially the non sports fans. So you don't feel left out of the mix as we make our way through the Sunday. Like, a you Danielle you don't follow sports. You may have heard score or something like that. But we certainly don't want you being socially ostracized there. Obviously the two Michigan teams were playing yesterday last night the later game over there in frigid and Arbor were the temperature at kickoff at seven thirty was about forty one degrees or so it didn't matter although there was no score in the first quarter between number fifteen ranked Wisconsin and number. Twelve ranked Michigan. That's the the top twenty there. So there was no scoring in the first quarter. And then in the the second quarter Michigan would begin to pull away. It was thirteen to seven at halftime for the wolverines. And then what Michigan got eight more points in the third quarter. So it was fairly close. Right. It was twenty one to seven going in to the fourth quarter and the highlights and these are the only things you'll need to know are the two long runs by the quarterbacks. The there was no score going into the start of the second quarter. I was zero zero and the starting quarterback for Michigan is this shea Patterson transferred over from another school in the off season the off year something like that. Anyway. So it's no score in. So this to me one of the two key plays of the Michigan victory yesterday. Who's doing the play by play over there? Chris Fowler is doing it on ABC because it was on channel seven. Last night. So there's no score. And they're getting ready here to hike the ball and the wolverines habit. Except.

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