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The widow of a fallen us soldier today marks one month since hurricane maria hip the rico there are still widespread water and power outages in the us territory and nprs liz baker reports officials have been slow to get a handle on the number of hurricane related deaths four weeks after maria the official death toll is forty nine many suspect the actual number will be much higher but each death certificate must be investigated and firmed by the institute of forensic science in san juan lack of communication created a backlog of cases after the storm and the pile has only grown as officials look into reports of deaths from diseases the state epidemiologists confirmed one more death from leptospirosis but won't determine an outbreak until all 74 suspected cases of the illness are firmed liz baker npr news sunlen on wall street stocks surged to a record close the dow gains a hundred and sixty five points the sp 500 up fifteen you're listening to npr news in washington from kqed news i'm tara seiler state officials announced today that an estimated eighty four hundred buildings were destroyed by wildfires in the last two weeks count fire says it expects to fully contain the largest of this fires by early next week kqed's sara hussain you reports the cooler temperatures and the recent rains we just got are expected to help firefighters turned the tide in the north a cal fire is daniel pearl lance says the fires that have devastated some noma and napa counties are expected to be fully controlled by tuesday next week for lent says the two week firestorm will go down as the deadliest and most destructive in state history is very sad to know how much destruction and how much death these fire brought than just goes to show how fast the winds were moving in how dynamic and dramatic are these far conditions were implement says nearby areas are still at risk red flag warnings are in effect for the tahoe basin and eastern sierra has i'm sarah who themey kqed news state regulators have temporarily shut down charry yet the.

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