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Written all over right. I mean i. She owns the win the game and everything. I just slipped one of those games where it's the route. They're like what else is they. Always basically the ugly on exciting and just blah. I kept with the panthers. I'm gonna take the giants and the points. I think jerry was assuming you would both go with the panthers. He's picking the giants taken three and a half points at home against carolina and that brings us to game number five. The season series will conclude between the jets and the pats up at foxborough. The jets off the bye week. Getting seven on the road against mack jones and the pats we set it earlier. Even don't bill. Belichick is the greatest coach. Ever this right here is your classic letdown sandwich. Look ahead spot. There is no greater example of a letdown sandwich. Then this right here you have. The most watched game this year. Cowboys and patriots goes down to the wire overtime and then next week after this game you got the la chargers which are one of the nfl's young darlings this year with this branded. Staley getting so much. Run narrowbody loving them. Build melchett probably hates that an inbetween in the sandwich are the new york jets. The jets are gonna win the game coming off by you. Got one team coming off. A bye got another one right. Smack dab in the middle of the letdown sandwich. Look ahead spot. Gimme the jets to cover. Gimme the jets to win the game. What you don't know is that bill belichick stays away from subway and he doesn't like sandwiches chad's right You know. I'm just going to take the coaching staff over the other. Coaching staff. Like you were twenty out all morning this morning. You have josh daniels. You've got bill belichick. Got a rookie quarterback on the other side and i know rookie quarterback's of beaten bell jack. Before but i just do not see the jets and the way that they have played over the last few weeks even though they're coming back from that by doesn't mean anything to me. I think the patriots have been in every game that they've played this year except for one. And that's the new orleans saints. And i think they they wouldn't here but i do think the jets cover Look at that little head by their jerry. Likes the jets with the points as well. So i guess all three of you are in lockstep. Sfar's spread goes there and now that brings us to the profits gio yet. That's right so i'm going to go back to the smash down spot. And i'm going to go to jared goff and his number is two hundred sixty eight and a half passing yards. Now i'm gonna go over. Visit going to be throwing the ball like razi in this football game to be able to catch off and do that back door situation. I was talking about. So gimme jared goff over two hundred sixty eight and a half passing yards against his old team in a revenge narrative. Yeah there's a lot of narratives going on here. I just better hope. He makes it through the game in order to get that many yards. I'm going to go to the proven spot. And that is the bengals at the ravens as you're measuring prove it works to proving spot measuring stick game. Whatever you wanna call it. I'm going back to that game. Joe borough daughter'd fifty eight and a half is his yardage mark. I'm going to save over for for joe borough versus the ravens this week to fifty eight and a half and jerry. Even though he took the titans getting the points at home against the chiefs. I guess things tennessee's going to do it more in the air. He's taking the under on. Derek henry's rushing total which stands at twenty six and a half there. You have it all right very good. Thank you ceelo man. There are a lot of podcasts. Out there definitely. 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