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To make your transit better so you know more bus lanes on the street run more frequent bus service really in your transit networks so. That people see it, as a attractive alternatives and you know they they want to take the transit, service, because it's so big and shallow says, that's that's, the way forward as opposed to you know specifically talking down on your brand left very careful to, say that, you have a little transportation, system you know like pack used before them but we, re- we, really need to be mindful about you know. Providing good transit service that, people, wanna take, are there other. Things too besides you know improving public transportation? Are we talking about perhaps doing congestion pricing is there some, restrictions on perhaps allowing some of these cars Uber, and lift cars? Into the congested downtown areas certain city center Areas what are? The other solutions Yeah congestion. Pricing makes a lot of sense I said he likes for city like New York where these cars really, tend to accumulate and the downtown and it's really it's more of a downtown problem than. A problem throughout the city There's a mismatch because where you can really do, the most good is in the farther out neighborhoods where. Transit is sparser and these services can, be helpful supplements to the transit system but, where people were the lift drivers ended up circulating in cruising prepares is in the crowded downtown? And, that's where you really don't want more. Car topic so if you tell us congestion pricing just sort of saying out gothic in general and and, especially Iran lift and sort of push them out to the areas where the most That, would be ideal yeah and it's not just the you know the city center areas that seeing Part. Of this report is that you know I smaller cities Uber and lift might be a good thing the problem we're talking about. Here is focused on the nine bound nine major metropolitan. Areas? Where most of these. Rides. Are happening so this is, a big, city problem with these companies right Yeah exactly in in smaller cities Uber and let, are basically fulfilling, this need for a supplement to the transit. System but really you know most of the usage of our in the United city seventy percent of all trips are in those. Big cities like New York Chicago LA Jili what has Uber What have they said about this study if, anything have they. Responded at all They can test some of sellers findings. I think they're what they really want to avoid some sort of cap on you know. How big they can get and you know that that's the point of. Contention and then people who recognize that you recognize Uber Kavak is a problem they don't necessarily agree whether. There should be this commanding control responsive? Capping or, whether you should do everything With with. Price and just make it more expensive for them to cruise on the most congested streets in the city But I think some Uber's perspective they recent. New York has been pretty amenable to congestion fee as long as it affects all traffic and not. Just Uber traffic and what they have wanted to avoid is is a limit on how many drivers they can have I guess it's smart to be part of the conversation now as opposed to reacting to some harsher of reaction from these cities later on Yeah I mean I think, there is a lot of common ground between Uber and the transit at advocates and analysts who do walking gas from, pricing and? That could be a coalition that, that works together and tries to make this pretty politically difficult policy solutions happen in big American cities in a way that it. Has not happened yet so if I'm an Uber or lift customer and I'm getting into that car. This morning and I am concerned about the climate climate change that I have to take another second look at what I'm doing. Don't I I would definitely yeah it's your concern about the climate you know the process and the train is still the way. To go If you can do that, and you know failing, that the share trip is always better than a solo trips and yeah I would say don't forget transit don't sleep on transit pay attention. And. Advocate for better transit because that's gonna get the cities that we want and the climate that we want in the future yeah and that was gonna be my next question is you? Know what else, can. We do as as customers as. Commuters to have our voices heard and perhaps be part of this conversation Yeah I mean Uber and lifts boasts they've kind, of been weaponising their apps there at least in New York where. There is, some momentum to limit their services, they've been giving customers, these alerts via the apps to kind of contact their council members and our deserts people to be informed and don't necessarily take the company's. Word. For what the debate is in really you know about the study up on the year before advocating against the policy that really is intended to make the whole city transportation system better Been we appreciate you being with us this morning great report, at against streets blog dot org we're going to leak out to this, it's. On. The NYC blog will. Leak out to the story and we appreciate you getting up and being with us this. Morning here on the opening bell great thanks a lot Steve, I've been fried is the editor in chief of streets blog dot com it is five fifty one and the opening bell continues with a. Look at traffic and transit and Jan traffic central Mary develop and traffic sponsored by indeed and seeing some. Roadwork. Delays especially on the tri-state northbound. Between north avenue up to Irving park otherwise, Edens okay the Kennedy is fine there are some new gramps closed off this. Morning because of the Jane burn interchange project the on ramp from Jackson closed Madison street entrance also closed but the Adam street entrance scheduled to reopen today Eisenhower's building between Mannheim and I knew inbound. Stevenson, thirty two, from the tri-state in Bonn Ryan's eighteen from ninety fifth and no other major delays on the roads in Warrenville an accident route v Thirty nine in ST's are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up..

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