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We enter day aid of qbe watch waiting for vance joseph to decide who will start against washington joseph says they wanna see paxson lynch play but atta 100 percent our goal is to see him play before two years old and we've got two more games to do that uh you know my concern is making sure is healthy enough to to clarify level arm ryan kaufman with your extra sports update this former signs the what the cbs sports bennett a handful of quarterbacks will be feeling the pressure of their teams playoff aspirations if we assume kansas city will defeat miami and that baltimore beat zandi then the heat will be on tennessee's markets mario to end buffaloes tara tell our to maintain their current afc wildcard lead and on the charges philip rivers of course to stay right behind mario too will have to produce big time to counter the rams defense and leagueleading scoring offense meantime in foxborough tell will have to significantly improve on the meagre fifty six yards passing he'd mustered earlier this month against new england before getting hurt in the second half in the nfc if atlanta's matt ryan plays like he did monday night in tampa the saints will eat him alive while seattle's russell wilson most rebound in dallas following the beating he took from the ramp it will not be easy for any of these few weeks on bomber sized driving is unpredictable just take it from.

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