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And he wrote some jokes for her she was on a garish angling show and episode of its curation link where she talked about the cancer very openly and a very funny way and i said to him i don't know how you guys pull that off and he said we were nervous constantly because it was so also true to the moment it was so good and so funny yeah guilt aware of you ban oh jerry i had cancer what have you been up i i mean i i see that clip on a regular basis that list as so instrumental in letting people i mean that was the beginning of it but that really started people's conversation about cancer right when she was on life cover yes january suspenders and resort here yeah i mean she opened up a whole new world for people to talk about something that they were so afraid of if she could do it i mean men wanted to date are women wanted to be your best friend she was universally loved if she could talk about it others could it's all happening on october 14th that saturday it's saturday very camp believe where he has this summer gone saturday october 14th that's at the park west it's night of a thousand nogi is it is their 19th year to benefit of course scale this clubs chicago and the website to send people for more info or tickets guilders cup chicago word laura jane hide ceo of guilders club chicago thanks for all the great work you do early appreciate it thank you for your support will see the next time when he wins in a word probably oh tomorrow probably tomorrow yes sir truth thank you so much thank you a quick break and then more show it's building when the end of each year guys let me tell you something tags baldry told you wanted all of all this quotes two office the only thing i think i'm going out of what we were yes.

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