Debbie Wasserman Schultz, FBI, President Trump discussed on Jim Bohannon


Debbie Wasserman Schultz, just one of the very prominent Democrats targeted in recent days, by a rash of bomb scares. We will never be cowed. I'm Linda Kenyon in. Washington. The Trump administration tries to level the playing field when it comes to drug prices in the US versus other countries. I've up Costantini in Washington. The World Series shifts to Dodger Stadium tonight with the Boston Red Sox two wins away from another championship. I'm Dave Alford in Los Angeles. He's Google known to protect executives accused of sexual offenses. I'm Tom Busby. Ford announces a recall impact over one million car owners. I'm Bill Michaels. I'm Jim Bohannon stand by for some more of those animal stories all I had on America in the morning. It's seven after I'm John trout. The list of people who were sent suspected explosive devices is growing with Robert de Niro and Joe Biden having joined the list yesterday morning. The devices are being closely examined by FBI lab. Technicians says the manhunt for the responsible person or persons intensifies. Steve Kastenbaum has our lead story. They're learning new information by the hour that was the word from New York City's police Commissioner about the joint terrorism task forces investigation into the packages that were sent to at least ten people now, but James O'Neill wouldn't answer questions about whether the apparent pipebombs were rigged to explode. Or if they were just meant to instill fear. We're not gonna give you. A hundred percent accurate description. What the devices were, but we treat. We have to treat them as as live devices. This is a protocol that our bomb squad people use and it keeps everybody safe when pressed on what he would call them. The Commissioner said suspected explosive devices the FBI confirmed that packages sent to actor Robert deniro and former vice president Joe Biden, we're nearly identical to those said to George Soros, Barack Obama Hillary Clinton and others FBI assistant director in charge Bill. Sweeney wouldn't comment on reports that some of the packages may originated in Florida. I'm not going to get in to specifically where we think the packages came from somewhere, obviously delivered or in the postal system. I'll leave it at that. They're now calling this a domestic terrorism investigation, which mayor Bill de Blasio said New Yorkers will not be ruled by fear. They're not going to let an act of terror intimidate them. All of the devices are now being examined that the FBI's laboratory in Quantico. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. It's nine after one of the high profile Democrats targeted by the would be bomber has spoken. Correspondent Linda Kenyon has details. The packages were addressed a former President Obama Hillary Clinton. US Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Representative Maxine Waters and several other prominent Democrats investigators are focusing leads in Florida, the FBI says that's because many of the packages had the return address of the Florida office of Wasserman Schultz, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee. We will never be cowed Wasserman Schultz speaking to a crowd and plantation. In florida. So the last couple of days have been trying for many of us to say, the least this sure looks to me like domestic terrorism and threats of political violence Republican Ben Sasse, sometimes critic of the president is taking Trump to task over his rhetoric both before and after these bomb scares the president has the biggest bully pulpit in America. And he needs to affirm again that we can all political terrorism in America. Let's ask says the president is just part of the problem a bit part, but still only apart when you have a bunch of people in DC who talk insanely like politics is ultimate. It's not surprising that some insane people start to act like politics are alternate. Latest targets of these bomb. Scares are actor Robert deniro and outspoken critic of President Trump and former vice president Biden who spoke to reporters Thursday in Buffalo, New York..

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