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And hunter Biden correspondent Jessica Schneider reports on the transcripts of depositions from advisers Fiona hell and Alexander van button kill testifying ambassador Sunland in front of the Ukrainians as I came in was talking about how he had an agreement with chief of staff Mulvaney for meeting with Ukrainians if they were going to go forward with investigations the white house's top expert on Ukraine lieutenant colonel Alexander mean echoed that saying investigations by Ukraine were the deliverable coordinated by Mulvaney someone just said that he had a conversation with Mr Mulvaney and this is what was required in order to get a meeting the nationally televised impeachment hearings get underway Wednesday morning Germany is marking the thirtieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with five other European leaders in attendance at today's ceremony correspondent Frederick play again a lot of folks are saying look right now that feeling of freedom that feeling of unity in Germany and in Europe is something that can't be taken for granted anymore for some of the political developments that you see here in Europe with the rise of the far right wing is in places like Germany in other countries as well rex and a lot of folks also speaking about some of the political divisions in the United States Amtrak is on a roll reporting record ridership and revenue figures Sam track the government owned passenger railroad center provided thirty two point five million passenger trips an increase of about eight hundred thousand over the previous fiscal year total operating revenue rose more than three percent to three point three billion dollars with an operating loss of just under thirty million that's the smallest loss in Amtrak's forty eight year history a promising numbers lead officials to predict the heavily subsidized railroad could eliminate operating losses as soon as next year I'm Barbara sack in Washington I'm in case the biggest issue with Asians are relation is the fear of going in it again.

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