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They were, it'll be fine. I'll be fine. They were so shocked when the reviews came out. It's also interesting the Beatles new there onions, I mean, they knew who Lester was. Yes, they. Jumping standing still something they knew they knew the sellers stuff. They knew the, you know they, they knew they knew the guns. Oh, yeah. Yeah, they weren't novice left. Have you met less than your travels? I wish I had because I've certainly stolen enough stuff for. Welcome McDowell for some information. I think we did talk about it because it certainly talked about Royal flash and the Kubrick. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We talked a lot about Kubrick and Lindsay Anderson who I'm admire tremendously. We'll ask you about Lindsay Anderson, and how did you, well, how did you start getting into the business? Actually, I, I didn't go to film school right away. I was high school is not a great school, and I was like a b. student with good college boards and a bad attitude. Yes, yes. And you know, I was against the war in Vietnam. I was trouble Baker and I didn't get great recommendation. So I ended up in a Franklin and Marshall college in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which was at that point all men an Amish country. And so now the sixties are in full force and I'm in Amish. And I, I went to the newsstand one day and there was Herald Tribune and a front page story written by a writer that I Meyer tremendously Tom Wolfe, and was about Ken Keesey and people taking LSD. It was the first chapter of what became running cereal, which we eventually became electric acid Kool-Aid. And so I read this thing and I'm going, okay, that's it. The world is moving and I am in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. So I sat down with my parents and I begged and they let me apply to schools to transfer ended up at NYU and lived in the east village. My down the block neighbor was Allen Ginsberg at SAS. And at that time there were three political parties. There was the Democrats, there was the Republicans, and there was the motherfuckers and the motherfuckers lived in my building, and they had a very simple platform. Everything should be free and it was a wild building. What part is this? Alan Gilbert Gilbert lived in these village. Second avenue, ten street one fifty. Nine second intensity. Where were you? I I used to live on avenue a, yeah. Oh my God, you're there? Oh, yeah. Well, what I it's so weird to think now, like when we first moved in there people saying, are you out of your mind living on avenue way? 'cause it was horrible being see words like the death penalty. Oh, yeah. And and now it's like, oh, yeah, now you can't afford. Do you wanna vnc. Yeah, there you go down there for a nice dinner. Yeah. So you knew Ginsburg and digital ABBIE Hoffman to? Well, I I saw him in the data. We didn't really know. Was ugly fucking one of the motherfuckers, and so he was in and out of our building. And so I was at NYU and in my junior year of NYU teacher got fired and they needed to substitute, and I hit the jackpot. They hired someone who had graduated two or three years earlier who was now looking for work, and that was Marty Scorsese about that and mardi became my film history teacher. And then my film production teacher took a summer workshop and he was my faculty adviser and all that kind of stuff..

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