Royals, Baseball, Bob Costas discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Hour 1: Home Run Derby


I seriously most stockists nickname is moose a nickname as malaysia of a better showing at the home run derby what a choker i got called a bag of feces by somebody by royals fan a bag of theses not merely feces an entire bag of it you know what they're seeing kc stands for choke don liver tarred digital of jokers wild sixty one percent of the audience said no you damn young people soaring with so much ignorance to guides you don't even know what we're talking about the jokers wild is the truth man stay woke these easy don lemon show with this two god's on espn radio ghirma put this on the poll plays at libertad show would you support deciding baseball games and extra innings with the home run derby thank you because i think i'm wits to god's on this for all of his fix baseball stuff baseball is notoriously reticent to change because it is our most historic sport and it takes pride in that history but when they went to the wild there was a lot of objection from purist bob costas and other others that has turned out to be a good thing they fix the home run derby by placating our lack of attention span and i think i'm wits to guts on this and on which the guts on this for this reason it's a hundred and sixty two games their way too many they've outlived their usefulness if you're gonna have too many games the argument against deciding it an extra innings the way that hockey does with shootouts or three on 3s and stop is that our or penalty kicks and baseball is that your mutating the sport you're not being in soccer yamin yes penalty kicks in soccer team.

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