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Wife, boyfriend, girlfriend he form of an adult couple were able to take in together to tiny home, which is different than other interim congregate sites where people have to be separated in different dormitories. There 39 tiny houses at the village off Chandler Boulevard in North Hollywood. Each of the homes is about the size of a backyard shed and crafts is the village will be able to have 75 people and the Huntington Beach City Council has scheduled a vote of no confidence for its Mayor Pro TEM one term Tito. That's how the former mm, a star turned councilman Tito Ortiz, described the vote against him on social media. You'd Ortiz is the distraction. Councilman Dan Comics, says. Ortiz is promoting Q and on conspiracies and calling covert 19 a planned M Ickey abstained from voting to denounce the violence at the capital. He says the city doesn't need to hear about Ortiz not wanting to wear a mask. I'd rather be talking about how we're going to get our business is back open after Cove it how we're gonna deal with our homeless problem in this city. The vote doesn't affect Ortiz his role as a councilman. Ortiz has not respond. For comic Corbin Carson, Calif. I need on the Southern California Toyota dealers Traffic center. We make it easy. We have an update on that crash on the five and turbine. It's on the North found side of Kovar, where overturned cars now blocking the car pool and the left lanes. Big delays here backing up from bake Parkway. You could just bail off of the freeway head over to Irvine Center Drive. Take that north up to cover drive to reconnect with the five North bound Check in with Mike O'Brien K a pie in the sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Big massive la Barata for the 55 South bound Just approaching Carmen Nita. That's a big break fire in the two right lane. So it's out. The fire's out. But it is a big massive. You're gonna need a big, bright told the whole nine yards is probably gonna be another hour or so on this Bob for the bumper through Norwalk back to the six or five which at that point is going to catch that normal slowing pretty much all the way from East L. A short like now. 91 eastbound at brokers heading into Anaheim Looks like an accident here to the right Children that stretches heavy first karma need to introduce an accident. Prison superwoman super lawyer dot com By Go Brian K. F Eye in the sky. Hey, A pie in the sky helps get you there Faster. I'm.

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