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It because I think. He's not afraid to hurt anybody's feelings. Yeah. You know. and. There's not a lot of that outright now. No No, and and it's but it's that's part of I think the lesson. Of that that little softer lesson of Cobra Kai, where there's still an edge of you know not it's an easy. We're not. We're not. We're not. We work hard. We're. We're we're still tough guys or women. Now I like they include women in both sides Oh karate, and in this episode which I failed to mention earlier. You know we we are tough people but being tough doesn't mean you have to be. Bullies for one thing which is what they're trying to draw that line and I think that's a good lesson to for today you know what is the difference you know where? It can be a fine line between being tough being standing up for yourself, but also not not in a way that you are. Hurting you're looking for his bad, ass. His. Kobe. was on the tip of my tongue. Conversation with three searching out. You see how good I was though I. didn't say it. I'm not. Lisa. Underscores the whole point of the conversation. Absolutely. You can be bad ass without being dirty without school that's without maniacal. You know that you can be tough. You don't have to take crap off people stay yourself, and if you gave me just kick in the face and I'm GONNA go on about my day you don't mess with me. So I knew he'd be great for this episode, Chris Thanks, Joey thank Joey Pungent. Before we close what do you want to see in season three? Go ahead least. Ladies First. Well, speaking of ladies let's see. Allie let's see a little bit of I'm curious wail they'll take her what what what kind of role they would put her in you know and what would it be a guest appearance? Would it be a permanent role? You know I'm curious about that I WANNA see Miguel I wanNA see Miguel come back and and fulfill what was kind of left off their how will his return affect both his relationship with salmon? Robbie's relationship with Sam and I want US I do Kinda. WanNa see you Daniel and Johnny get together and you know really really fight the true enemy which is John crease with..

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