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Here's a great example. I once held a say comedy workshop and the Star student could use her hands to guide her to find a hidden object in the room without fail. She happened to also work as a massage therapist which to me makes a lot of sense as she is someone who's kinesthetic sense is very strong especially through her hands and she also used to be a dancer no surprise there for someone who is very kinesthetic oriented. The study of Saif phenomena is known as parapsychology. Some people who advocate for the validation of side don't like a word paranormal arguing that it implies these abilities are not normal. When in fact, they might just be our original form of communication and very normal indeed at least to a culture that does not override anything intuitive with left brain logic and reason, the word parapsychology is said to originate from the Greek Para meaning alongside and psychology. So it means alongside psychology. It was popularized by J B Rhine in the nineteen thirties to indicate a shift towards experimental methodology and academic discipline akin to the field of psychology. So. In my mind, why can't the word paranormal the interpreted as alongside the normal as in? It's also very normal. This is the way I like to interpret it and I actually love the word paranormal. Now. The word cy originates from the name for the twenty third letter of the Greek bet when I looked it up apparently the symbol for cy which looks like a little rounded pitchfork and originates from Amore angular shape that look like a chicken footprint what I found out is the symbol for cy can be used to represent psychology psychiatry and parapsychology. I also read that the symbol is commonly used in physics to represent wave functions in quantum mechanics. This makes total sense to me as it does seem that psychic information exists in the quantum field but more on that and another episode today..

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