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Software to run your business when there's great new suffer out there and I have the place to find it Capterra Capterra lets you find the right suffer for your needs you can compare thousands of options in hundreds as a category seven hundred specific categories of suffer from digital workplace offered a vigil video management software to email marketing software. CRM but also individual line of Business Programs Yoga Studio Management I mean I actually like to believe it or not. I like to go to CAPTERRA DOT COM and slick spa software and just look in just look at random businesses and the software. That's out there and I'm I'm always impressed. There is really great modern stuff available to you you can you can go you can search you'll find dozens of programs in any category you can also narrow it down by review review rating by options whether there's a free trial premium there's a one time licensor yearly license. You can find out if it does supports features that your particular business needs you can create a wonderful side by side comparison chart that really gives you all the information you need about various various products including the platform that runs on and then I love this capterra has reviews lots of them from actual verified users users discover everything you need to make an informed decision with one million plus reviews right now. There's a thousand reviews every single day and and the reason is Capterra's free. I think people who use CAPTERRA are so thrilled. They're so happy that they go back and they leave review. Oh it's like paying it forward. You don't have to but.

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