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Showcase them to show other people. What's possible and to not decide. The merits of our gifts based on the size of what we perceive them to be in their contribution meaning not the definition of champion is a manifest gifts so that level playing field the levels completely love playing field and It's extraordinarily important that we don't place a judgment on what we believe. The value of our contribution is for example. When i was at aspirations and olympia guy were an olympic t. shirt into a bike shop and i saw it and i wanted that t shirt the only way you could become an olympian but he has never remember where the t shirt. I'm sure the yet that one thing that i saw became my logo that i committed to you for ten years to becoming olympia. And how they're not seeing the t. Shirt then that would have liked never happened in what i do know. Is that if we compare what we believe the significance of our contribution as that's a huge disservice us because i don't think that we should be the ones to decide what the impact is. I think we need to cherish grower gifts. We need to show up faithfully every day to grow and build them into showcase them to implement them in wherever they go and the people that they touch will combine in a certain way that will create a a certain impact in statement in have an effect on the universe that were accountable to and we will have is an entry in our life. Scorecard When we kind of Turn it in for the last time and the other thing i'll say To conclude this series. Is that going back to my daughter. We didn't talk a lot about madonna that that's the story but to say that if you ever doubt the value of the thing that you say anything that you do adopt kid because my daughter hung on my every word and for me that's enough to get up every day into highest service into come from my highest place of contribution to show her. What's possible as a father and hopefully as a role model she will aspire to be because the other side of this is everyday. Decide how you're gonna show up because if people showed up differently for my daughter. She wouldn't a have the scars that she didn't ask for that were imposed upon her by the actions of others both physical and mental that may haunt her for the rest of her life and she didn't ask for that that yet had people showed up differently. She wouldn't have to deal with that. And that's why. I just feel like every day. If you can't show up for yourself to be the best show for other people to be the best you can be for them. It's part of what they need to see showcase by us and it's part of our therapy for us to become the best that we can be and with all say. Thanks for the opportunity case. Really been alive while last thing. I wanted to add on to what you just said. Joe rogan had a conversation with dave chapelle recently. I don't want them yeah. I respect both of them. And and then They were talking about the value of having kits. And then a rogan said. My children expanded my capacity. Love on a per cent announced. I for me personally You know what i learned about love is that you can love anybody..

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