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Okay and extend seventy newsradio overnight a marine layer will roll in and will be with us in the morning to giving away to a sunny day tomorrow an above average temperatures again for the holiday tomorrow it's going to be in their sixties to mid seventies low ten night forties and fifties and the Santa Ana winds kick in tonight to mid week twenty fifty four degrees right now in Chino is fifty five Glendale fifty six degrees it's eight oh seven this is most tech on money number one for your business and consumer news here in southern California sponsored by opus bank on Franco Czech stocks and a record shattering week on a mixed note with corona virus concerns still weighing on the markets and the global economy the nasdaq end of the week at an all time high ninety seven hundred thirty one after closing gate of nineteen points on Friday the S. and P. five hundred gained six and the Dow slipped twenty five now stands about a hundred seventy points from its recent record high of twenty nine thousand five sixty nine retail sales rose a modest point three percent in January consumer confidence perked up this month to the highest Cena nearly fifteen years with me now one of the biggest influencers in the financial world David Rubenstein co founder and co executive chairman of the Carlyle group one of the world's largest investment firms he also served as chairman of the board of trustees of the Kennedy center in New York the Smithsonian Institution and the council on foreign relations is usually the one asking the questions on the David Rubenstein show on Bloomberg TV and on PBS David roadside thank you very much for coming to live this weekend and congratulations on your new book the American story perfect for presidents day weekend first let's get your view on the economy the corona virus concern in China and the record shattering stock market run up we've seen so far this year economy.

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