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Another absorbers against motor wife sometimes, too in the Catholic. Sometimes I too am a Catholic. Michael just whipped that up in, like three minutes. That was miracle. Think on. That was gonna Adam shiftless because he's a pathological liar, and everybody knows it. But the media loves it because they know that if they know that he's lying about all this stuff. Russian collusion of that those secret meetings. Oh, boy, will you see what's coming out? But they still fluffed him like professional professional slippers from the outer reaches of Los Angeles. And, uh, And here's Adam shift yesterday on the floor of the House of Representatives one week ago. The president's incited an insurrection against Congress to prevent the peaceful transition of power. But it was the most dangerous moment for our democracy in a century. Today, we invoke the remedy the founders provided for just such a lawless president. Impeachment. That's right it to impeach rats. The thing that I got to say there's so much to cover in there, but the insurrection he and said, show me the line in the speech last week, because that's what he said, where he incited this insurrection because that's pretty specific language. Congressman Louie Gohmert is not a pathological liar, not a psycho. Hey, is not a Democrat. He's a Republican. He's from Texas. And this was a great moment yesterday because he quoted Nancy Pelosi's and I played the away but played the audio a little bit earlier. But here's Louie Gohmert, pointing and quoting Nancy Pelosi. Here's a quote. I just don't even know why there aren't more up uprisings all over the country. And maybe there will be or sadly the domestic enemies of our voting system and honoring our constitutional right at 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in Congress of the United States. Way were called enemies of the state. Those air all quotes from our speaker. Those are all quotes from this. Now he's quoting the speaker of the House, obviously, because, he said, Here's a quote and it's from the speaker of the House. Here's the headline representative Louie Gohmert calls for more violent uprisings on the House floor. First of all, it's a bad sentence, but he was on the House floor when the news media here and it's lefty's naturally. I mean, that's kind of goes without saying politics. Yusa. That's their headline. Representative Louie Gohmert calls for more violent uprisings. Now what was it that Nancy Pelosi said, because we actually have the video and the audio of Nancy Pelosi saying it and just don't even know why there aren't uprisings all of the country. All right. So there it is. She doesn't know. And then Congressman Gohmert quotes her quotes Her And the headline is Louie Gohmert calls for more violent uprisings in the house for now, Just how dumb are these fake reporters? Just Joe. I mean, they are incapable of focusing. This is what smart funds have done to people have made them dumb. They're incapable of listening to anything for more than a portion of a sentence. It's it's too difficult for them to listen to an entire sentence before they write stories about them. This is journalism in America. Today. It's another one of the things that has been simmering for years just and they're all corrupt left us to smear and lie about slander. Conservatives who were pro American Pro Constitution pro rights pro bill of rights. There's another. Their bill of Rights doesn't apply on the floor of the House of Representatives now and then, a short time later, Fox News had the story. Journalists falsely accused Louie Gohmert of calling from more uprisings after he quotes Pelosi. Hate stuff. Several members of the media wrongly went after representative Louie Gohmert, Republican Texas Wednesday and suggested that he was calling from or uprisings as the house debated whether to impeach President Trump for a second time government took to the floor presented what he hinted was a Democrat, double standard. And then, of course, he quoted The bony, Um Ms Pelosi and journalist after journalists jumped all over it. Journalist tripping and on Twitter. Holy beep. Expletive deleted is governed, Encouraging more uprisings that I hear that right, CNN analyst Ahsha rang rang. UPA exclaimed on Twitter Hole in and they're always wearing and their listen How stupid there you did. His testimony should be used to immediately expel him. Said Law and crime columnist L. Lura Nano's Does anybody have a name? That is Western and orientation? No, of course not. Oh, no, that's racist, knows that That's obvious. You know, it's their hiring practices. Okay. Louie Gohmert on the House floor. I just don't know how they're even more uprisings and the Washington Post, Aaron Blake and politicos Blake. Hound shell. They're both Blakes similarly tweeted the quote, and it attributed to Lou Louie Gohmert. So politico, The Washington Post CNN all indicted Louie Gohmert for inciting more uprisings because he quoted Nancy Pelosi, But then they never come back and say, Oh, is Nancy Pelosi, who incited the uprising and they never noticed it at the time. And then, of course, there were insurrections and uprisings across America. Billions in damage. Thousands injured. Dozens killed, pay no attention to any of that. Louie Gohmert. Oh, Terry, half of all the impeachment ever conducted, ever voted for Card under this speaker. That's an interesting note also and Michael Pierce. He wants me to point out correctly, of course, that Lindsey Graham a while back. I was doing a forum with left wing fake journalists. And he quoted James Carville of the Democrat Party who was smearing the women that Bill Clinton raped and sexually assaulted while they're defending the rapist Bill Clinton. And James Carville to smear the women and the media helped they love they thought it was great talking about Paula Jones, who Bill Clinton sexually assaulted when he was governor of Arkansas. And he said, apologize. Well, you never know what you'll turn up when you drag $100 bill through a trailer park and all the media applauded and they quoted him and I thought his greatest great cocktails because who is she? She's a tramp. She's She's Bill Clinton can rape her if if he wants, and Lindsey Graham quoted James Carville and the headlines all over the place where Lindsey Graham's mirrors women. This was during the Cavanaugh hearing as smears women by saying of the people accusing Brett Kavanaugh falsely of all kinds of things that this is what you get when you drag $100 bill through a trailer park. Lindsey Graham was quoting Democrat Clinton administration official media employees. Sweetheart of the media's a lunatic. He's a mental case we get. Everybody had to drag him down to the trailer park. And he's of course, blessed by the media for saying that And if Lindsey Graham quotes him, then you know they smear you. They smell and they say, Oh, you're attacking women know I'm quoting a Democrat. And then the media says, Okay, Never mind. That's what it's about. There it is. I think we got to take a break here. Michael and we got we still have some more audio for you when we come back, But it's the old double standard. And this is one of the things that has been simmering beneath the surface for quite some time. And these fraudulent these fascist left wing groups better like the Stasi. They don't listen to radio stations. They monitor them. In the hope of destroying people in their lives because they're armed band wearing goose stepping fascist, their their totalitarian and their UN American and their anti free speech and anti First Amendment..

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