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Walked into the office and the door was open looking out the sun is out from the sound I don't see any rain see a couple dark clouds over there in Hoboken do you think it might make it to the Bronx no they mostly evaporated over the Hudson River but anyway it was a knoll raid they started the game and early on a couple home runs and then Erin bloom gets tossed by the rookie umpire Brenda Miller a gardener struck out in Boone laces into Miller park in concert to see whatever the word yeah yeah I got it early in the morning the strike zone inspired and so I don't I don't necessarily think anything like that and I was on eighty we knew that what I because I was on it people know that but to me yeah yeah yeah main street not use separate who's made during the commercial break as you're playing audio from your computer and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from the world's going from well anyway let's move on here as Aaron Boone talked about savages in the batting box to lease that our phrasing it yes the little boy sometimes in the heat of battle you just kinda out or something but you know I I feel that way about our guys no doubt well he did more than others yeah he did savages is six inning game even of one yanks with the bases full Tampa's Charlie Morton on the mound and of course John sterling behind the microphone on the fan bases loaded one man out big moment in the game in deals.

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