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Was an amazing experience something that I wouldn't have done before that. So that's how I would work with the phrase or the word of the year. So My 2021 if you follow me on instant, you will have seen a few days ago. I posted at my 2021 off phrase that I am going to live by Thursday. So to speak is genuine connection. I think that this year has made everyone very very acutely aware of their social connections and how to make n them walk through difficult circumstance, but it's also probably made you realize one how fragile people can be 20 21 has had a mass. Impact on on a lot of people's mental health including my eye, which I have posted about not too long ago and I might throw that link in the show notes. If you are getting my little girl twenty mental health story, but I think a lot of the issues that arose for many of the people that I spoke with boiled down to connection and either lack of connection or you know, finally coming to the realization that some of the connections that they had weren't as genuine as they may have believed or any number of different reasons, but it all sort of boiled down to connection and support and and consequently like things like support kind of thing. So my Guanica for next year for twenty or four this year. Sorry, 20 21. I am recording this on New Year's Eve in the afternoon. So it won't be twenty-twenty for much longer. But by the time you hear this it will be twenty twenty-one. Yeah, my my word to learn more my phrase to live by for 20 21 is going to be genuine connection and what I'm meaning by that is not Messenger not WhatsApp not any of that like at bare minimum Voice next Thursday. Would be like video but ideally face-to-face face-to-face connections are something that a lot of people have been missing out on this year and continue to in different parts of the world, I completely understand if you know, you might be a bit annoyed at me suggesting some of these things if you're not currently able to do that in your part of the world, but hang in there it will happen again, you will be able to make those face-to-face connections, but that's why I set out like a spectrum so you can try to ignore I don't I I find it very difficult to make really really genuine connections over text cuz there's so much of communication that's lost in that but voyage. Minimum video second face-to-face is the gold standard for me next year this year this year going to get used to saying that so that's what I'm doing this year. So what how I'm going to actually sort of break that down not using smart goals, obviously as I said earlier, but there's a few things and I've met took them off and on throughout the last two and half years of this podcast,.

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