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Dot com certainly jane on the morning news still the sportsdesk and garret cullen filling in for car wiggs garrett they're on the links this morning the greenbrier man phil mickelson woolsey off later this afternoon he was looking though it some of those new challenges to the old white core says the greenbriar classic has the opening rounds at a because agree these are new and because although there rolling perfectly and their pristine the root system hasn't taken hold yet so the balls will release a little bit no play as though there were very firm even with the rain i think that's gonna make the golf course fun to watch and challenging think it's going to really make for great test of golf it's going to play even with the rain like like it's been firm and fast it was the proam yesterday former route near pat mcafee what are those participating in almost heaven right now so i would like to say that this is my almost heaven because we're back in the great slate of view of west virginia it's beautiful it's amazing what governor justice that brings place back together and i get the gulf is on my good friend john daly it's a lot of fun we have complete coverage from the greenbriar classic gone line at wdov metronews dot com wvu athletic director shane lyons and president gordon g sharing a big twelve committees this academic year both being in the chair the same time and in order to collaborate and be able to work together obviously were new claimed down and could talk about the issues a lot easier he has his thoughts so you know from the zakat committee were they're going to head this year and hopefully in tandem we can work together in and continue to foster a great relationship within the big 12 copper lion's there he was named earlier this summer as share the big 12 athletic directors' on so gay meanwhile chairman of the big twelve board of directors for this year major league baseball the pirates beat the phillies five to the rockies ever the reds five three baltimore falls to milwaukee four nothing washington in the match postponed morning news time is seven twenty wchs chris lawrence inviting you to join me to talk fishing and hunting every saturday morning here on 965 fm 580 am wchs it's west virginia outdoors presented with a painting law firm if you can't make it.

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