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Marijuana than not something uh pitfalls wearing vine seniors all bradley i got an a motorcycle accident and weymouth um this is back in 1999 i was prescribed i'll archie cotton and i was i was addicted for about fifteen years on that well um i ended up turning my life around and all that stuff but you know w with the use of marijuana and just abstaining from it and go under rehab and everything and uh dealer medical marijuana card i do not i i'm i'm currently solve us i've been so for almost a decade saw okay um my wife actually she does and she has i l is dan laws which is a chronic nerve pain throat your whole body oh jeez and never heard of that yeah it's uh it's a it's a high diagnosis you have to go to a geneticist and and get that um so yes they thought it was fibromyalgia and you know they could never really put their thumb on it but uh she should go see the where does she go i'm gene she does are on things she has uh he has the medical guide solely the go to a defence three off in old she other gifting thing and all that it and all i to really get too involved in its have you still allow you into the dispensary right with her i go in right i wouldn't go into like just like i don't go into a like a store anymore in order to me yeah so um part of it is let you know part of the thing that makes me believe that this like one of a wonder drug as um i had a dog by about six or seven years ago now um to the french maths stuff like turnaround who sean but that movie with tom hanks yeah and she had a diagnosed a with a a golfballsized of cancer and her abdomen and my wife you know at the time she was just got tied and she's like we've got to try this oil on the dog and you know she had made out of the cbd oil out of out of the plant and yeah and uh first seven months of feed and the dog the oil just still on offer my finger that dog would not you know she would take it and she was.

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