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A goal. Now he's got goals and two straight and the Lightning had the lead one Nothing. They lead the series two games to one. And here's Nikita Kucherov, working on the right side into the Florida zone, tried to snap it into the middle. It's intercepted on weaker, just missed Anthony Duclair, or he would have been off on a breakaway. Celeski out to play the puck and once again in four on four hockey lightning trying to find room it's center circuit. Check the big Russian defenseman drift back into his own zone and hands it off to Gujarat. It's the entire regular season. But as points in all three games of this playoff series after hip surgery, he feeds it the headman and sends it into the zone and then retreats and bringing it around. Don't know the corner by point. And now the lightning Wanna change 35 seconds left in the coincidental to Gordon Huberdeau. Sam Bennett dying Lee through the neutral zone makes his way into the Tampa and leads a wrist shot go from the top of the circle on the left side, and it's absorbed by Vasilevskiy, who holds on It is amazing to me. The Panthers just ultra aggressive, every shift pressure on the pressure on the black pressure everywhere. Sometimes too much pressure gets you into trouble and that's what happened on the opening goal of this game. Radko good is just took himself out of position to put pressure on the black middle of the ice was wide open and serenity would score on the breakaway. A soft wind for the lightning as Stamkos was able to control it, but they can't take the pass its center and ricochets all the way back to Bobrovsky for Hagi moves in ahead and bark off with room with center goes wide on the right side pulls it between his own legs, and then it has it's stolen by Hedman. Markoff got it back for a moment. The Panthers have possession for Hagi works his way to the slot. The former Lightning he was a member of their Cup championship team a year ago, stripped to the puck gets it back at center. Here's bark off one on two working.

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