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Apple has acquired over the years and what we decided we'd do is not concentrate on the entirety of the universe of acquisitions of apple has done that we know about but concentrate instead on actually apps and apps it have been acquired by apple whether it was part of a company or just a sale the product whatever it is but one where the app was kind of at the center of the transaction right when i was thinking about this i go all the way back to one of the earliest acquisitions of by apple which is file maker which is still around and file maker is a very interesting acquisition because foul maker to this day i believe still subsidiary of apple yes it's not it was not actually absorbed into the company it self it's it's run as a separate company basically and it was quired way back in nineteen eighty eight it was acquired as part of clarice which was at the time a subsidiary that was doing apps for the mac like clarice works yeah and that was that's really one of the earliest ones that i can think of but it's not alone before we got to the iphone we had a number of these different kinds of acquisitions there was a sound jam mp which is what ultimately became i tunes and if you go to panics website they have a really interesting story because panic made an app called audion which was also an mp three player for the mac and apple contacted them and try to choir audion that didn't actually end up happening and instead apple purchased sound jim mp and turn that into the original items one point in two thousand and one.

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