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One and trying to carve their their their way into pro career. So it's much more I i think a lot A lot better hockey than it was. When i grew up as opposed to wear is now. Usa hockey and all levels especially long island that whole newark areas. Come such a long way but in canada in in the states you know i think you have so many people that play basketball footfall thakur. There's so many different sports in canada. No-one me play soccer or football or basketball. You play hockey or you don't pay that that. That's that's just the way it is. It's more of a cult or a coacher mentality than an actual sports. So if you don't play hockey like okay. What what what's wrong with. You do not have skates like everyone plays hockey so It certainly is very different. But i have to say coaching. The united states for a lot of years growing in the last twenty years for sure and usa hockey is so so good as opposed to where it was twenty years ago. Yeah now the development of usa away. I think even our junior program now being able to compete very competitively you know in the junior program on an international stage has changed a lot. So what was it like for you. You're playing youth hockey and then you get up to that age. How many kids actually get drafted to play. Juniors is because i know like i guess you're in high school and then you leave. I think it is and you know you go play junior hockey. How many players on your team on your roster actually get drafted to take that next level to take it to the next level. I was league developer so like we have the ontario league which is ontario Then we have. The western hockey league is all a western canada. Way of the correctly is The quebec obviously junior hockey league. Then we have like cure to which is the lowest so i. I was fortunate. I got drafted later. I was the only guy or two of us got drafted. I got drafted last overall. Junior and i was fortunate enough to to have a good coach and and of course enough to make it As for percentage. I mean there's all it's all different whether you want to try to go major junior if you wanna go to Play college hockey two different routes that you take so. I chose the major junior out. I wasn't a great student Loved hockey Was committed to playing hockey but also very fortunate at the same time To have my rousseau i was. I don't think there's an indicative can say it's one or two or three We had a very talented Seventy-three level which i'm seventy three births and i was probably on the lower at probably if i just say out of ottawa i was probably the thirtieth best seventy bursts. At that time now. I grew exponentially got a little bit bigger and stronger. Things started to equal themselves out as you got older but certainly Not already passes but we certainly believe. Hockey is our game and We're gonna be hockey player. Silver told l. otherwise. And what point. So you get drafted into the juniors now. At what point do you start to master email. You known as a player. That's test at. What point do you kinda start to master or crap that party or game yet. Great question I tally kid as as a youngster scoring two hundred points a year every single year as as a kid But then. I got fourteen fifteen. I didn't grow. And you know..

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