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Best price contact a church group at seven five three nine zero three three both any we have kamala skipper with kamala wellness welcome thank you were so glad you could join us now you have such a diverse background i know you're a yoga instructor you're a wellness educator you help with integrated health um what do you like the most then why do you do what you do am i think the most powerful part of what it is being able to make an impact on someone's life for positive change and yes just really great to be able to help people be healthier and happier were he originally from hawaii originally from south africa all conan raised and then i met my husband iaea uh 17 years ago and finding made the move six years ago or welcome in kia though when you came to hawaii ed you started your practice uh we always in the same field or were you doing other things uh when i first came so i as xp a lawyer sir in south africa zingermann ryan slow and that's a what eighty and so from human rights salah hygiene get into the health field so in our first came to hawaii i was introduced to functional medicine and um through using the practice of integrative health and radi changing the way i ate and the way i love does able to reverse some of my own health conditions had chronic migraines i always battled with my way has some stuff with my thyroid uh quite a long list of complaints that i had uh uh you have these things when he came to hawaii or is it just where you're living here that you throw at them with me uh my vagueness yes at so how did you recover and get to the healthy state that you are now yes sir was surprisingly easy which is why i think i'm so passionate about what a dangerous side being on a long journey of seeing to france specialists and felt like nothing was really helping um and then i connected with a functional medicine doctor in hawaii and use the principles of just eating um the diet that work right from the east side caught out certain food groups um but added a lot of healthy.

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