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Body slam and the flag doesn't come out. But the bills go crazy. I mean, Josh Allen comes running over What's going on Stefan Diggs because the entire two palms up saying Are you kidding me? And one of the officials came running about 20 yards and finally dropped the flag with the official right on the scene didn't call Tony that was Greg the hammer Valentine. That was a legitimate wrestling moves. Your body slam host anybody, but it's gonna cost you 15 yards. The ball was placed in a 38 of Buffalo left hash. It was just a seven yard reception handoff to Singletary to the right. They get a little person. He crosses midfield. Forward. Progress will get him three yards to the 49 yard line. Anthony Hitchens, leading tackler for Kansas City this season in on the stuff, the Bills have not been great on the ground. The last three football games have not cracked the 100 yard mark, and then you talked about it. Against the Colts in Los Act. Moss was really was a bellwether back, and so even with that I like that table sticking to run a little bit. Creates imbalance. They were so out of balance last week against the Ravens, second down and seven. A floater to the right from Alan is dropped. He tried to lead. Singletary didn't see it into his hands as he cut upfield, incomplete 3rd and 7 12 42 mark of the second quarter. Buffalo leading 97. It's a flat drop, and he Starts looking at the field. Great. Does the proverbial sand of running before you catch him. If you catch that he might get the first down even if he doesn't get there to sever really a third and short but now banned up 37. Sent yelled into the right initially looked like he was going to set up a wide receiver Now we'll just set up to the right of Alan Cumming. The blitz on Alan gets rid of it. Justus, his head. It's incomplete. Kansas City wants a flag for intentional grounding tyrant Matthew providing the heat on Josh Alan. It's fourth down and a late flag comes out. It just got tossed at the 30 yard line. I'm not sure that ball got across the line of scrimmage and pencil Browning office number 17 but foul loss it down. Went down Well, they brought the blitz, and initially it's open for who's the free Russia and as Josh Talons trying to escape to the right, he realized Oh, Tyrone Masson's also him block. He's coming from that side. And he's really close, and I think he got outside the tackle box, but because the ball didn't cross the thin line of scrimmage, it's an easy call. Intentional grounding and Once again the bills around the park. Good job by this case defense back it up to the 35 yard line before cast sets up 20 McColl Hardman, who had a month earlier, waiting for its snap kick on the way, it's high fartman races over to the right now gets out of the way. Little bit short, rolling inside the 20 settling in in between the 17 in the 18 yard line. No return for Casey. The Chiefs will have possession with 12 26 to go first half.

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