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Dot com. I would like to conclude that I am not roll back and bad. I have. Me that it's a demon dancing. Demon. Something isn't the best is yet to come and babe voted be. You you seen sun, but you seen shy. To the ups underway. Wait too. We see that sunshine you seen nothing yet. Come and wilder. Best this yet to come along and prosper. New new new new new new. I do. The bone newness. Number. Yes. A bonus clip as I hinted at straight out just said, I suppose so much television to talk about. So you know, why not throw a little of of of of of of of of of of of. Mm-hmm. The bonus clip specifically Conan without borders. Yes, washed a handful of them if you're unfamiliar Conan O'Brien will occasionally travel. The globe reminds me of a very comedic version of Anthony bourdain, basically, I in just as good in terms of exploring countries and bring back interesting things to talk about with the sort of dash of Conan comedy in. What I say dash. I mean, He Ping spoonful or loving spoonful. If you prefer the band loving spoonful, which of course, don't we? In fact, let's play a little of that pans. Let's see if I can find out as I talk in. That's how we'll end. Okay. So I watched Japan, which is sort of the main reason that I did this dip into like, I love them anyways. And I've seen bits and pieces of them. Like clips on the Conan O'Brien YouTube channel. But. The main reason I sort of sought them out and downloaded all the ones I could find anyways was because of Japan, I've had a desire to go to Japan for sort of as long as I can remember. So when I saw that Conan was going to place that I've always had a desire to go. I knew it would be not only comedy gold, but of great interest to me in particular. So that was sort of my my my foot in was was Japan. But I also watch Italy Haiti Israel in Mexico Italy with good because he brought a YM long, Jordan Slaski. Oh shit. I forgot today's conversation. Cleanup sponsor is Sean ski life coaching Inc. Thank you. Okay. Segue to. Yes in Italy. He brought along Jordan slant. Sqi who's a God damn national treasure in weirdness and weird slash straight. Man. I suppose you would say a straight man's to Conan's joke. Men. Just those two interacting together is amazing. And there's a reason it's become a sort of viral phenomenon. I'm all right. All right, folks. That'll do it. Let's just here a little love and spoonful to end it. Oh, yeah. Folks. Time. It is. Lovin spoonful to be with you here. In the summer in the city. Just so bad. Don't look in the city. Willia- probably getting kicked off. Oh.

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