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LeBron seems to do it all the time. Ah, lot of people were jumping all over Patrick Mahomes, saying that he is limiting himself. But I don't think they realized that he's obviously not going anywhere. They'll just keep ripping up the contract and back and back loading it, But But for somebody placed a position that is a quarterback You're right. He does have a chance to sign. Two or three more deals, especially because he has been so reliable and hasn't missed a snap. Now we can't predict the future, but you can look at the past. And when you you mentioned John James earlier, there's there's a track record before the Broncos. Give him all that money. That Maybe you shouldn't do that based on what you've seen because he can't stay on the field, And we remember the Wright back Fred Taylor, who was really good when he was healthy, but seem to be banged up all the time. I remember going back years where asked warrants out like, Hey, you played against Red Taylor all the way back to high school and college was like in high school. He was hurt. He missed our game. Our senior junior, whatever it was, he's like, and I think you missed one of the Florida Miami Games. And so that's not who Justin Simmons is. So yeah, I think his durability and And theoretical longevity could really benefit him. And he could end up becoming not only Ah, lifelong Bronco, but one of the most well paid Broncos. It isn't a quarterback, maybe of all time last one. I'm Justine Simmons. So what should Broncos fans be feeling though, when they see a day like this where Chris Jones gets his contract. Myles Garrett gets his contract And of course, this is all coming on the heels of Patrick Mahomes. Other teams are willing to spend the money right now. What the Broncos fans have to take away from things like that happening. Well, I saw your poll question I vote. I think they should be content because he's not going anywhere until you have The back and forth and sort of the public disappointment that you had with Chris Harris Jr. And I don't think you'd ever get that with Justin. It's It's not kind of who he is. Then I wouldn't be worried. And unless the Broncos say Yeah, we're ready to move on from him. And you can tell, you know, John, always really good at using coded language and not not super deep codes. But after the season when he says With Justin's musical We want Justin be around here for a long time. Then they ask about Philip lives, and he says, Well, well, look at his contract and see what makes sense. So the guys that he wants it. He doesn't every year then to your press conference and again at the at the combine. Oh, yeah, we're picking his options. Oh, yeah, we we want him back. We want And so that's the way John Elway talks about Justine Simmons, Obama Broncos fan. I'm not disappointed because he's going to be back there. Rome in the middle of Field and Vic Fangio's defense and hopefully Can build on the takeaways that he had last year and and put a really nice big number that solidifies on all pro inoperable, But he's not. He's not going anywhere The Chiefs are going to do with the chief gone two of the homes. That was a no brainer with Chris Jones. Good for them bad for the FC Western, and the rest of the league last block him. And then with Myles Garrett. They didn't have to do that deal yet. They just did and and good for him. We know what a talent he is. But I don't think you're going to see anybody else that air on these franchise deals, including that Prescott, who shares an agent in dot France with Justine Simmons, get get a long term deal. Done. Yeah, I don't think that is either. He's plan was to play on the tag and then turn around maximizes dollar after Holmes and Watson had both sides kind of keep it, keep the tie, keep the water rising and pushing his boat up in terms of his at his overall value, which Bronco is gonna be there? I want to get a big money, Multi year deal. You're gonna be Alexander Johnson shall be Harris Kill Lindsay. I don't think it's going to be Shelby Harris just based on what we saw last year, and I think if you look at where the numbers are with Darryl Casey, there probably be more inclined because I think she'll be just two years younger than Casey. Assuming Casey puts up another probe all year that they would probably look a look. A look A Casey Alexander Johnson's Got Got interesting. Opportunity in front of them right because we know about the past and then with him potentially cashing in if he plays the way he played those final 89 games, where he was a pro football focus, darling, that which he earned Then he's going to get in the conversation about. I stayed inside linebackers cause you're not going to let him walk if he builds on what he did last year, so that would be my my short term, But in the long term, I guess I'm not doing the math in front. Me. And with Chuck being a first rounder, Bradley chump certainly will likely just Take von Miller's contract and Vons really the interesting one bond with that with that option, like you mentioned guys, he's he's got a chance. I think he has a really big year instead of letting it get to that. Maybe they work on an extension and that he finishes his career here, but But Alexander Johnson, probably a safe bet in the short term, and I think The other question is what guys? Are they moving on from guys like you mentioned Ben and John James feels like a no brainer. Garett Bolles does he play his way onto this roster Long chairman and work out of 345 year deal and and then cream Jackson just cause of age and And the nature of that position, so ah, but But I guess age is probably the safest bet. Okay. Last question here foryou. ESPN did a NFL veterans bubble for all 32 teams, and they put Jeff hire Hman as the Broncos that bubble guy. They're picking and Jeff leg off with this one. Then there, there's plenty of other guys. I think we could probably get to and that's kind of where I wanted to go with this more so And will Jeff hire Hman make the roster if it remains to be seen. There's definitely argument because of his salary, cap it that you probably want to move on. You brought in. Nick van it you drafted Alberto Cueva Nam. You have no fan and Rebecca shows him. Clashes last year, at least be able to have a lot of versatility. So the tight in room seems like it's going to be an interesting battle. But maybe give me another name. Maybe two of guys that are kind of those vet. Intothe roster, guys that probably should hopefully have a good camp. Otherwise they might be on their way out..

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