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I'm not just talking about the past where the whole get a lot of mileage out of a few signings you know. They only have to like hit. One a or something like that to look like a genius apparently So again i'm i'm painting in broad strokes. They're not just talking about the united so pablo. Thanks for thanks for joining us. I want to make sure that we plugged the peace again. Make sure that you check out the athletic. I think it's one of the feature pieces so should not be hard to And there's a lot of great anecdotes particularly from the dax and pecci were extremely candid. And i enjoyed their quotes the most particularly coming from the other side. And somehow i don't understand. How am i shouldn't even probably admit this. The penalty kick had been edited out from my brain. I remembered everything else about it. And that is part but it is. It was gone and then i was having i forgot i i know i know i know and somehow it was gone. I knew bill was gone. But then the the retake anyway make sure you make sure you read it if you're like me and somehow your brain and edited up the most notable and exciting part of the game instill. You had great feelings about it check out. I think to the the point you brought up the that you talked about the team. Going to see the fans in the upper deck the cancellation then also celebrating with them. After the after the win. I feel like that. Is you know. Jimmy's quote about it was great. That's some of the things we talk about on the show like that. That that that set dc set mls teams but dc united specifically apart from. You know the wizards or the nationals. Like that sort of attention and care like the quotes about man..

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