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Support for this podcast in the following message come from the ups store who knows small business owners don't get to take days off so of you need help with shipping this upcoming holiday they'll be open the ups store franchise locations are independently owned and operated services prices in hours may vary see sensors for details live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs hurricane erma cast a long shadow over the us economy last month as employers cut payrolls by thirty three thousand jobs but it's npr scott horsely reports the effects are likely to be temporary this is the first time in seven years the labor department has reported a decline in the number of jobs the government's tally was taken just as hurricane erma made landfall shuddering many businesses in florida and other parts of the southeast white house economist kevin acid estimates the storm temporarily idled about two hundred thousand workers many of those in the gulf coast restaurants and tourist industry this was the worst weather event in twenty one years the last time that we had an event that had this big impact was the great blizzard of ninety six a separate survey found more encouraging news suggesting the overall labour market continues to improve the nation's unemployment rate fell to four point two percent scott horsely npr news washington the death toll in puerto rico from hurricane maria has risen to thirty six many fear that number will continue to rise as rescuers are able to reach more portions of the island that have been cut off for weeks since the category five storm hit the us territory.

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